Andy Manson 

Born – 1965, Dublin Ireland Based – Sofia, Bulgaria Job Title – Head of Development Company – Minimok EOD / Ltd (Sofia, Bulgaria) Additional Business Interests / Activities CTO – CommerceKit ( – launching May 2011

Working in the Financial Markets during the 1980s for several prestigious UK Brokers / Marketmakers, Andy later worked as a Consultant in the early 1990s in Moscow advising new Market participants on trading practices, and business processes.

A holder of a degree in Systems Analysis, Andy returned to the UK in the 1990s to focus exclusively on IT / Software Engineering. Andy joined Orange in 1994 just as it was launching. Orange was an instant hit, creating a revolution in the pricing, packaging, and billing of Mobile Telephony products and services, quickly rising to be the number one operator in the UK, before going on to become a global brand. Andy left the company in 1998 to work as a freelance, shortly before it was sold to Mannesmann of Germany, and shortly afterwards to France Telecom.

For the rest of the 1990s and the early 2000s, Andy worked in both Business and Systems Architect capacities on a number of Telecom, and Internet start-up projects, many of which moved on to become household names and market-leaders.

In 2006, Andy moved to Sofia Bulgaria to co-found Minimok, a niche consulting company, specializing in high-end bespoke solutions that combine real-time, low-latency server applications with RIA front-ends to deliver compelling usability. The company focuses exclusively for the moment on its exclusive private clients, based in the Financial Markets sector.

Andy’s experience at Orange, a company that grew its brand through combining superior product lines with game-changing Customer Service, led him some years back to begin work on a parallel project that would deliver the same capabilities in CRM to small and medium-sized companies.

The maturity of Cloud Computing platforms, and the sophistication of Multi-Platform RIAs means that Andy’s dream of low-cost enterprise computing, for the smaller business is now achievable, and Minimok will launch its first ever ‘public’ software this summer under the brand ‘CommerceKit’ at CommerceKit will be a free-to-use business suite, featuring a host of advanced features that businesses using the Cloud can also replicate – such features include the type of enhanced User Experience that Flex / Air can deliver, and the ability to provide users with the possibility to work both on / off –line using data synchronization.

Delivering applications that free the User, un-tethering the workforce from the desktop is going to be a key differentiator in the coming years, Andy believes. Software Product developers will be expected to deliver this feature ‘as Standard’ and not as an optional extra.