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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

WebORB for PHP v3.6 is released

We released a new version of WebORB for PHP today. The release introduces several new features. A complete list is below:
  • Feature: Support for AJAX clients. WebORB for PHP includes a JavaScript library that provides very elegant and easy-to-use APIs to access PHP services from JavaScript.

  • Feature: Support for SOAP Web Services. All supported client types (Flash, Flex, AJAX and Silverlight) can now invoke web services via WebORB. The product functions as a proxy between a rich client and the target web service.

  • Feature: Drupal integration. WebORB for PHP includes a Drupal module enabling integration between Drupal and WebORB. Once integrated, WebORB enables all supported client types to invoke Drupal services.

  • Improvement: Performance enhancements. There's a major improvement in performance. WebORB 3.6 has been optimized for speed and should deliver 2x better performance than the previous releases.

  • Bug fix: Fixed polling support on MacOSX
  • Bug fix: Fixed problems with UTF8/non-ascii character encoding.
You can download the release from the company website.


Blogger Andre Venter said...

The file in the Drupal Module is not well formed.

A simple example of node.Get or similar in Flex or other would be helpful.

7:31 PM


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