Bluetube Interactive Case Study

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Business Situation

Kimberly Clark, a leading global provider of products for personal care, medical, industrial, professional and do-it-yourself care created an application to assist professionals who needed to answer various product-related questions that would return a list of products that met a particular query.  For example, searching on “medical, requiring blood borne pathogen protection” would produce matching products for that specific use case.  Professionals also needed guidance and data on chemical resistance when chemicals where being used in specific circumstances such “cleaning the fuel tank of an aircraft”. 

Kimberly Clark had an existing tool that consisted of a traditional series of questions. At the end of the series of questions a user would be provided with one or two options. Additionally chemists and professionals at Kimberly Clark would field questions from customers via phone and email due to the lack of a comprehensive tool. The experience was somewhat dry and Kimberly Clark wanted an interactive tool for “todays” audience.

Application Description

Bluetube Interactive & Gnoggin Studios partnered to build an interactive product selection experience for users that would be markedly different from more traditional experiences found in this space.  This approach required taking what is normally a very technical and dry experience and making it engaging and intuitive.  The user chooses “features”, and depending on the selection, matches are filtered out instantaneously, therefore providing a more engaging and personalized experience.  For example, the professional would first choose a category of product such as "apparel". The system would provide all apparel products and as the professional answered additional questions, products would be removed that did not meet the professionals needs.  The system also provides a chemical hazard assessment which uses chemical test result data to provide a safety manager with the data needed to determine what products would meet her needs based on the usage scenario.

The main goal Kimberly Clark was seeking was to provide professionals the ability to self serve when selecting products for their particular use case.  The result would also benefit Kimberly Clark by reducing work load by key personnel and route leads (customer questions) to the sales force for a more effective sales process and higher return on investment.

Problem Definition

Bluetube Interactive has worked on many projects that require technologies like Adobe Flex and Flash on the client-side, .NET, Java or PHP on the server-side and WebORB in the middle.  The solution stack for this project required:

  • The ability to present a different set of questions for each product line that would enable rapidly drilling down to the right match based on user preferences;
  • The chemical hazard assessment needed to be a similar experience as that for answering product related questions;
  • The tool needed to support any number of products, questions and product lines over a planned 3-year rollout;
  • All the questions, answers, products, chemicals and copy had to be managed by a content management system;
  • The backend solution would need to support mobile and tablet devices in 2011 onwards.


The backend system was created using ASP.NET and Sitecore Content management system.  The front end was built in Flex with Flash creative assets using the Robot Legs Framework. Having experience with WebORB many times for  .NET, JAVA and PHP projects, Bluetube Interactive did not hesitate to select WebORB as the data integration solution for the product selector application.  According to Grant Davies, "The WebORB console was invaluable in testing the services and debugging issues with service calls. The ease of using WebORB, bypassing SOAP/RPC was essential in getting the first release of the product selector out on budget and on time."



These were some of the major benefits Bluetube Interactive enjoyed as a result of using WebORB for .NET:

  • Faster Development – Bluetube’s data integration time was cut in half over traditional SOAP based webservice implementations.  This in turn reduced development cost and enabled the team to meet important project deadlines.
  • It just works – Bluetube interactive tested their service objects independently, and hooking them into WebORB “just works”, it’s literally transparent to the .NET and Flex applications allowing the team to focus on the actual work and not data marshalling.
  • Speed - WebORB enables Bluetube Interactive to provide high speed solutions where product matches appear instantly so the user can “play” and interact with the application in real-time making the application more engaging.
  • Future Proof – The product selector tool is currently planned to rollout 10 or more products and having WebORB in our arsenal of tools allows us to plan for the unexpected.

Technologies Used

  • WebORB for .NET
  • FlexBuilder
  • Flash
  • Sitecore
  • Model View Presenter Framework (.NET side)
  • Robot Legs Framework (Flex side)