EMC Corporation Case Study

EMC Corporation Ionix Family of Resource Management Solutions

EMC Corporation is in the information management industry and is focused on helping customers store, protect, add intelligence, virtualize and automate their information infrastructure.  The Ionix Family of resource management solutions focus on helping customers optimize their IT Infrastructure.  Ionix chose WebORB for Java to help create a common user interface for their storage management suite. 

Problem Definition

The Ionix project team was tasked with providing a common user interface for IT management.  A problem Ionix had was finding a solid solution for client to server communication.  In this case, Ionix desired to integrate a Flex client to a Java server-side environment.  According to Ionix’s  Adam Arakelian, “We evaluated our build vs. buy options and found that while there were a few different solutions available, all (except WebORB) were either not in our price range or they were not solid enough.“


Ionix chose WebORB for Java to solve its integration issues.  The decision criteria Ionix used dictated that WebORB had to be easy to use, reasonably priced, perform well and scale accordingly.  According to Adam, “WebORB has been a great solution for us and has solved our middleware issue.  WebORB has been incredibly easy to use and it cut down our development cycle by enabling us to literally drop it in and begin using it.  Had we decided to build a solution, we would have had to spend months building the component and then there would be the cost of maintaining it too.  We’ve been satisfied with WebORB’s performance and scalability and generally very satisfied with the product overall.”


  • Reduced development cycle.
  • Reduced cost of development and maintenance.
  • Best performance and scalability.

About EMC/Ionix:  EMC Corporation is a public company founded in 1979.  The Ionix Family is managed by SVP/GM, Jay Mastaj.