3-GIS Customer Highlight

3-GIS is a premier Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software development and services company offering customized software solutions to companies in the Utilities, Telecommunications and Emergency Management markets. (Download PDF)

Having just launched the first web-based/standards-based AM/FM/GIS solution called Network Express, 3-GIS is poised to deliver to its customers best-in-class location-based views of their enterprise infrastructure, including management capability of complex planning, designing and asset delivery tasks to web clients and mobile users across their enterprise.  Network Express provides an open, standards-based platform to build and document an entire networked enterprise.  Using any OGC compliant data-model, 3-GIS customers can get started with Network Express fast and inexpensively.

The web version of Network Express is powered by WebORB. 3-GIS started searching for a solution like WebORB, when they realized they needed to provide messaging services with their graphical editing tool.  They evaluated several solutions that provided Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) support, but  chose WebORB, because it afforded platform flexibility for their diverse client base.  According to Tommy Siniard, Partner at 3-GIS, “We needed a solution that would work with both .Net and Java, which removed some of our options.  We also needed a solution that had people standing behind their system that could provide support when we ran into issues.  In fact, Midnight Coders worked with our onsite team to overcome our initial challenge of rolling out a new application.”

3-GIS’ solutions can be run in both .NET and Java environments.  For more information about 3-GIS, please visit www.3-GIS.com