Avtec Systems Customer Highlight

Avtec Systems Chooses Futurescale and WebORB for Java to Deliver Stellar Results for Terminal System Users - Avtec Systems, which is now Integral Systems, chose Midnight Coders’ WebORB for Java integration server and Futurescale to develop the next generation Rich Internet Application UI for an aggressive $7 million Joint Interoperability Task Force (JITC) project.  The effort had over 1500 pages of specifications and requirements, three of which included building the application in Flex, connecting the Flex app to the backend Java environment and completing the project on time and within budget. (Download PDF)

The new interface enables end users to control, configure and monitor Common Data Link (CDL) test equipment consisting of multiple subsystems communicating and exchanging command, control and status information to various components.  Brian Connell, Avtec’s Director of Special Communications Projects stated, “Because of the large volume of data and the high rate of change of the data, we required a solution that would push data from a server to multiple clients instead of each client polling for data. After evaluating several other solutions, we selected WebORB for Java because of the excellent Flex support on the client side and the ease of implementation on the server side. Our solution involves a Flex client communicating over RTMP to the WebORB for Java product. Using a Flex client provided the customer with a rich, almost desktop-like environment in which to interact with the test equipment.”


Since the biggest barrier to on-time delivery was the user interface, Cliff Hall, Futurescale Chief Architect, was brought in and delivered, according to Brian, “…a polished, ahead of schedule component that our end-users were ecstatic for. Customers with a wide base of experience with diverse CDL terminals have said that Cliff’s user interface is the best looking, most intuitive interface they have ever used on such a device. Additionally, using WebORB allowed us to quickly tie the backend systems together to provide a single view of a complex set of equipment.” According to Cliff, “Although there was much praise from the end users for the Flex GUI component, the solid WebORB backend was crucial to the overall success of tying the user interface into the complex array of hardware and software subsystems that were involved.”

Avtec Systems

Avtec builds advanced systems for unbounded data communications.  Developed over a quarter-century of commitment to the aerospace, telecommunications and defense industries, Avtec's enabling technology powers fast, reliable data flow across boundaries and through the most challenging environments.


Futurescale offers architectural guidance and development expertise to aid in the implementation of Rich Internet Applications; specifically using the PureMVC framework for the Adobe Flash Platform.