Dakota Software Customer Highlight

Dakota Software created the ProActivity software suite of tools (Profiler, Tracer, Auditor and Scout) that help corporate Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) managers succeed in an ever-changing regulatory environment.  Using ProActivity, EHS managers can proactively align the sustainability interests of corporate management, site personnel and other stakeholders giving companies an opportunity to quickly understand applicable requirements and compliance issues and adjust accordingly. (Download PDF)

Dakota Software used the developer productivity tools in WebORB during development of their Desktop Tracer application and continues to use WebORB to power this application in runtime.  Desktop Tracer allows customers to manage and track their EHS compliance actions from their PC’s, whether they are connected to the Internet or not.  When a connection is reestablished, WebORB easily manages the synchronization of data between client and server to ensure data is always up to date.  

The chief problem Dakota’s engineering team was trying to solve when they started looking for a solution like WebORB was how to have Flex communicate to .NET and SQLServer Express without IIS.  They also needed a solution that would be easy to install and integrate into their own existing product installer.  A third problem was performance.  They would be installing into environments where bandwidth is constrained, so the speed and compression of AMF was important. 

According to Brooks Pollock, Director of Software Development, “In working with Midnight Coders, we were able to arrive at an architecture for our application that allowed for a very extensible and easy installation.  While we looked at many solutions, WebORB was the only one that met our requirements for speed, functionality and ease of installation.  One surprise was that WebORB Data Management for Flex (WDMF) really did provide us with massive savings in time.  Our AIR application called on a large number of stored procedures on an SQLServer Express database and by using the data management feature, WebORB automatically took care of a large portion of the middle tier code in our application.  WebORB also gave us excellent speed and data compression for our application because it supports AMF.”