LBi is a global digital marketing and technology agency, blending insight, creativity and expertise to solve business problems. The largest genuinely full service agency of its kind in Europe, LBi provides the full range of digital capabilities, including digital strategy, branded content, service design, media, CRM, technology, managed hosting and support services. (Download PDF)

LBi developed an interactive website to accompany the launch of a physical exhibition celebrating the 125th anniversary of Marks and Spencer (M&S), one of UK’s leading retailers.  The web-based exhibition takes visitors through M&S’s 125-year journey from a market stall to penny bazaar to international retailer; showcasing how M&S is woven into the fabric of UK life.  This interactive website was built and is powered by WebORB for .NET.

To capture the essence of this rich visual history, LBI sought out a lightweight solution for integrating their Flash client with components on the server.  According to Mark Agar, Head of Technical Development,    “We never considered any alternative to WebORB, because WebORB offered a reliable way for my team to minimize their deployed code base and focus their efforts on the user experience and visual design elements.” 

Felipe, one of the developers stated “Using WebOrb allowed the Flash and the .Net teams to work together and focus on implementing key functionality rather than getting tied up working on the communications between the two.”  Today,WebORB powers not only the M&S exhibition website, but also other applications created by LBi.

LBi employs over 1,500 professionals located primarily in the major European, American and Asian business centers; such as Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berlin, Brussels, London, Milan, Mumbai, New York, Paris and Stockholm. LBi is listed on Nasdaq OMX in Stockholm and NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam (symbol: LBI).  To learn more about LBi, go to