Project Manager Online Customer Highlight is a web-based project management solution which is owned and operated by Project Manager Online Ltd, a New Zealand company with locations in the US and UK as well. Founded in May of 2008 with the vision of becoming the “world’s smartest online project management software”, has grown quickly to become one of the top online providers in this space. (Download PDF)

With customers already in 50 countries around the world, ProjectManager Online attributes its high rate of growth to the rich functionality of its online application, which includes an intuitive graphical interface, flexible project management dashboard and Gantt Chart planner.

The development team began searching for a solution like WebORB when they realized they needed to find a way to connect their Flex application with their .NET backend services.  According to CEO, Jason Westland, “Our first thought was to develop this “translator” ourselves. After a short feasibility exercise, we soon realized that while the solution was not going to be too complex, it was going to be a huge amount of work. It would also be, as all applications are when first released, “buggy” and we were not prepared to carry that risk. Instead, we wanted something that simply plugged into our existing application architecture and worked the first time. So the decision was made to purchase a solution if possible, rather than develop one from scratch.”

After careful consideration of several options, the team chose WebORB for these reasons:

  • It works at the binary level, so it’s fast
  • It translates .net code directly, with no intermediary translation required
  • It’s been around for some time and all the bugs have been ironed out
  • You can install it quickly and simply
  • In one day, you can get it up and running, good to go
  • It’s also configurable, unlike the rest

Among the many benefits the team experienced using WebORB, the Code Generator stands out as being one that helped reduce the development cycle.  According to Westland, “We found it very easy to auto-generate code using WebORB. Since WebORB is the translator between the .NET application layer and the Flex presentation layer, every time you change your .NET code, you need to auto generate new Flex code from it. We have used the auto-generator for 18 months now, and it’s highly efficient and in fact, surprisingly quick.

Another thing that makes WebORB stand out from the rest is the fact that it is fairly bullet-proof and we certainly pushed WebORB through rigorous testing by passing complex data in large volumes through the server.  The commercial support provided by Midnight Coders was essential in helping us overcome performance hurdles while in development and when we did have production issues that affected business operations, we were thrilled that we had commercial support from Midnight Coders to get our business critical application back up and running in short order. 

We highly recommend using WebORB for .NET / Flex integration. For us, it’s fast, reliable and its plug-and-play which saves on development and test time. Although we had a number of solutions available when we first looked at solving our “.net / flex translation” problem, we can say hand on heart that in going with WebORB, we chose the right solution for our needs. The Midnight Coders’ company is solid, their support a necessity and their application is fantastic.”