Write Media Customer Highlight

Leading creative technical agency, WriteMedia, has carved out quite a niche in the market for online sports analysis.  Traditionally, in most sporting events, a team consists of notational analysts  record game events, players, actions, ball in play, territory, etc. In the last few years, according to Stephen Penney, Partner at WriteMedia, “There has been a surge to provide even more data, such as how fast a player is running; how many yards he is from the touchline; is he in the right zone to score goals, and so on.  We are the very best at providing online video communications used for sports analysis and our application is powered by WebORB.” (Download PDF

WriteMedia has the ability to take all the major analysis applications information, such as direct video feeds from TV broadcasters and analyst notes, from live events to online viewing within minutes using Write Media’s Sports Webcom application.  This application provides a richly synchronized online service that brings together distributed team members, such as a player and his coaching team all into one online forum where they can collaborate through real-time video and audio communications on the most effective ways to improve the sports professionals’  health and performance for maximum competitive ability.  

WriteMedia is now taking their WebORB-powered application to the next level, which will support social networking amongst sporting clubs, particularly focused on kids to develop the sporting community at a grass roots level. The potential is millions of viewers and Writemedia will soon be announcing some prestigious projects for Rugby and Soccer.

WriteMedia has been using WebORB for .NET  to leverage such features as media streaming, video chat, client synchronization, Flex and Flash connectivity to .NET services, data push, custom security authentication and authorization and data management. 

Currently, WebORB resides on industry standard HP Proliant servers capable of supporting up to 20,000 concurrent connections.  According to Stephen, “We’ve benefitted from using WebORB and working with Midnight Coders in the following ways:

WebORB provides an excellent array of remoting, messaging and data management features for the .Net environment. One of its major benefits is its code generation tools for both client-side and server-side, and this in itself saves us a lot of coding time and provides an excellent return on our investment.  Additionally, the WebORB management console provides us with a visual toolset that, for example, allows us to visually configure the security, carry out invocation test drives of our .Net methods and automatically generate client-side code for our .Net classes.  Finally, Midnight Coders support is second to none and we can always be assured of a prompt and detailed response to any queries that we may come across when working with WebORB.”