WebORB for Java v. 4.1 is Released and Ready for Download!

This new release has the following new features and improvements:

  • Google App Engine integration – WebORB for Java can be deployed as a part of your web application into GAE. The feature includes all of the remoting capabilities for all supported client types (Flex, Flash, Silverlight, JavaScript, native Java and .NET). You can also use the management console for the instances of WebORB running in the Google cloud. Additionally, we introduced new WebORB for Cloud pricing specifically for the cloud-based deployments. View Documentation>
  • Android integration (native Java and AIR) – The integration between AIR (on Android) and WebORB for Java is fairly straight-forward and has been available ever since Adobe created the AIR package for Android. However, starting with the version 4.1, we added support and APIs for the native Java Android apps. Java apps running on Android can benefit from the remoting and messaging capabilities of WebORB. This includes remote method invocation from Android to all supported service types: POJOs, Spring beans, EJBs, Hibernate models, SOAP Web Services and Grails controllers. The messaging support provides the publish/subscribe API and integration with the WebORB Messaging server. This functionality enables cross-device messaging (homogeneous and heterogeneous OSs), server to client data push, integration with MQ and JMS systems.
  • Windows Phone 7 integration – We are very excited to introduce support for WP7, because WebORB is the only the only integration server on the market enabling WP7 to Java connectivity! Currently the supported feature set includes remote method invocation, but we are adding support for data messaging (which includes publish/subscribe, data push, remote shared objects and streaming). WebORB for Java 4.1 also includes a very powerful code generator which can create a C# remoting library as well as a complete WP7 Visual Studio project with sample UI.  View Documentation>
  • Grails integration – WebORB distribution now includes a Grails plugin which brings all of the WebORB functionality for Grails applications. Supported features include client-server remoting for all supported client types Flex, Flash, Silverlight, JavaScript, native Java and .NET), data management, messaging and media streaming. Note: The Android, WP7 and Grails integration is available in both Enterprise Edition and Community Edition. View Documentation>

Download WebORB for Java v. 4.1 or visit the Midnight Coders Blog and Midnight Coders YouTube channel to learn more about these new features.

WebORB iOS Support

We've had many questions about WebORB's support for iOS. While WebORB does not natively support Objective C at the moment, currently WebORB for .NET, WebORB for Java AND WebORB for PHP support AIR running on iOS. We are also working on adding remoting and data messaging integration with WebORB for native iOS applications.


Several developers in the WebORB Community have been writing WebORB tutorials, which have been published on the Adobe Developer Connection website. Here is a listing, with links to the published tutorials:

If you have written or would like to write a WebORB tutorial, Contact Us and we'll help you get published.


Here are three new webinars coming up that you won't want to miss.

  • Building Windows Phone 7 Applications Using WebORB - April 21st at 3:00 pm (CST)
  • Mobile Development with WebORB  (hosted by Dallas Flex User Group) - April 21st at 7:10pm (CST)

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Channel 5 Korea

Channel 5 Korea is revolutionalizing the delivery of IT information through E4DS Webcast, which is an online web application used to broadcast technical seminars throughout Korea. The company chose WebORB for .NET for its RTMP capabilities and ease of use factors. View Case Study


CFE Laguna Verde

CFE Laguna Verde is the only Nuclear power plant in Mexico and a national electric company owned by the Mexican government. The company is using WebORB for Java to automate and optimize the performance of procedures and processes, so workers are more efficient at doing their jobs. View Case Study