We've been touting WebORB's flexibility and universal connectivity for quite some time and now we just upped the ante by extending WebORB's reach, making WEBORB- THE WORLD'S MOST DEVELOPER-FRIENDLY INTEGRATION SERVER. We say FRIENDLY for these reasons:

  1. WebORB can be used by literally any developer, using any language, on any platform developing for virtually any device;
  2. WebORB is so easy to use that it doesn't take a team of consultants and expensive weeks of their time to install and run WebORB;
  3. WebORB can be deployed and run in both premise and cloud environments, making it easier to scale your business;
  4. WebORB plays well with tools you already use, making your workflow process seamless and efficient;
  5. WebORB offers multiple points of extensibility so you can customize WebORB for your project purposes;
  6. It doesn't cost a thing to get started with WebORB.

WebORB is so FRIENDLY, you'll want to get the latest release, WebORB for .NET v.4.3, which is now available and includes these important improvements:


That's right!  WebORB can be run in the Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and Google AppEngine Clouds. These are the three clouds we are targeting first for commercial deployments.  Now WebORB for .NET 4.3 is fully tested and commercially available for running in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This means you can confidently develop and run your production application on Azure's expandable resources. Version 4.3 will scale up and down accordingly and has a scalable Cloud computing pricing model that makes it easy to start and grow your business online. You never pay for unused capacity.  (Commercial releases for Amazon EC2 and Google AppEngine are coming soon.) Learn More>

WebORB for .NET v.4.3 is Visual Studio FRIENDLY

This new version has a special integration with the Amethyst IDE, which is a Flash/Flex IDE built to run in Visual Studio. If you are are developing Flex or Flash applications that connect with .NET services and data, this news will be music to your ears. Amethyst running in Visual Studio lets you import your Flex or Flash projects into VS or create new ones from scratch. You can edit your MXML/ActionScript code, run and debug your apps without ever leaving Visual Studio. The integration with WebORB means you can import your .NET services (plain .NET classes, WCF services, Spring.NET objects or SOAP Web Services hosted in WebORB into your Amethyst Flex projects and use all of the familiar Visual Studio menus, controls, shortcuts, etc. to do complete design, development, debugging and integration of Flex/Flash to .NET applications right inside Visual Studio. Yes! This means you don't have to use Eclipse or FlashBuilder, because you can use Visual Studio to do it all.  

Introductory Video>
Companion Tutorial>
Debugging Flex and .NET Apps Using Visual Studio>
Download WebORB v.4.3>

NEXT UP:  Our primary focus will shift to WebORB for Java v.4.1 and bringing its features in line with WebORB for .NET.  We'll also be adding a Grails Plug-in (w/RTMP), WebSockets Pub/Sub and messaging codegen.

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These videos are great for those new to WebORB and also for those who've used WebORB, but might not have used some of the features covered in these videos:


Bluetube Interactive (www.bluetubeinteractive.com) is pioneering Rich Interactive, Mobile & Web experiences and proudly crafts solutions for the Enterprise, Event management, product configuration, promotion and game applications.  Having used WebORB for many projects, Bluetube Interactive confidently chose WebORB for its latest Kimberly Clark project.  Kimberly Clark is a leading global provider of personal care, industrial, professional and do-it-yourself care products.  Read Case Study>

GridMobility (www.gridmobility.com) has developed patent-pending technology that reports elecricity generation sources in real-time, enabling electricity consumers to actively manage their power consumption. The deployment of the GridMobility suite of technologies results in improved utilization and reliability of existing grid assets, lower electricity bills, and fosters additional renewable resource development.  GridMobility uses WebORB to develop and power the rich internet application used in its hardware and systems control interface.  Read Case Study>>


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Joseph Magly

Joseph has over ten years experience in planning and executing large-scale, multi-million dollar technical implementations and upgrades, including development activities, of enterprise integration systems and rich internet applications. Joseph has worked with WebORB for several years.



Damian Piccolo

Damian Piccolo is an Information System Engineer / MBA currently serving as the president of Anden Solutions in Florence, KY. He has been involved in the design and development of several flash, flex, php, and .NET applications, simulations, and educational games for over 15 years. Hes been using WebORB for over 3 years. 




Gaurav Pandey

Gaurav graduated from Columbia University in 2009 and specializes in the discipline of Distributed Systems & Security. His journey with WebORB platform began while developing Advertiser-Publisher portals at CPX Interactive and continues to use the Remoting, Real-time Messaging & Data management features in various data-intensive Flex projects.





Ken Nelson

Ken Nelson has over 20 years experience designing and developing mission critical software applications with an emphasis in web and mobile solutions. He has developed applications for a wide variety of companies including; Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Southern California Edison, Hewlett Packard, as well as different verticals including medical devices, online gaming, financial systems. Ken has focused primarily on developing solutions around the Adobe Flex and WebORB toolset. A Southern California native, Ken enjoys scuba diving, woodworking, and photography.  





Marcos Buzzo

Marcos earned a Degree in Computer Science from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in Argentina and has over 3 years experience in software development using different technologies. He is currently focusing his time to the development of RIAs which use FLEX to J2EE.  His specialties include working with Flex, Cairngorm, WebORB, Spring, Hibernate and Java.