Here is the latest news on our mobile and Cloud integration initiatives.

Connecting Android to Java and .NET

Developers today can do remoting, messaging and data management using Adobe AIR running on Android and connecting to .NET or Java backends running in their own data center or the Cloud. This means that developers will have an easier way to: 

  • Configure mobile applications to invoke backend services;
  • Load data from the server-side into the mobile app;
  • Exchange messages between different clients;
  • Push messages from the server to the client;
  • Take advantage of the elastic compute resources in the Cloud.

WebORB auto-generates these APIs, which include the client-side ActionScript, the server-side C#, ASP.NET, or Java code and sample application without being intrusive. This provides all the plumbing needed to connect your Android application with your backend services no matter where they are located. The sample application and APIs demonstrate how to do things like data CRUD, publish-subscribe, data push and remote shared objects to name a few. To learn more about this, please join us for our Building Android Applications with WebORB webinar. Details are below.

Connecting Blackberry Playbook to Java and .NET

You can now use WebORB to access and manage your data located in a variety of databases from your AIR application running on Blackberry Playbook. The Playbook SDK installs into FlashBuilder Burrito and has special mobile projects that use classes from the Flex Hero and Playbook SDKs. WebORB's auto-generated code, including sample application, is imported into the Playbook project in FlashBuilder, providing the same remoting, messaging and data management functionality for Playbook that was described above for Android.

Deploying Java and .NET Apps in the Cloud

WebORB for .NET is commercially available for the Microsoft Azure Cloud right now. WebORB for Java version 4.1 (pending release) will be commercially available for Google AppEngine soon. Everything you can do in your premise-based deployments, you will be able to do in your Cloud deployments. Learn More>


Our WebORB webinars seem to be very popular, so here are two more webinars scheduled for March that you may be very interested in if you are building mobile applications:


Israeli Air Force

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) www.iaf.org.il was born into the War of Independence in 1948 and today thrives as a strong military force built to protect the State of Israel from aerial attack. This force is continually refreshed year after year as tens of thousands of students graduate and go on to serve in the IAF. The IAF chose WebORB to build and run its high volume resource management application. View Case Study>


SA Media Group

SA Media Group www.sa-mediagroup.com is a full-service digital design company specializing in computer-generated architectural renderings and animations, as well as professional Internet solutions. SA Media Group chose WebORB to build and power its popular Magic: The Gathering Deck Builder application. View Case Study>


Kurt Gramoll, PhD is a Hughes Centennial Professor and Engineering Media Lab Director at the University of Oklahoma. Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology is a big part of Kurt's engineering education programs, because they can do detailed user tracking, dynamic problem creation, real-time complex engineering analysis and internet collaboration very easily. In fact, all of these ideas are being pursued by the University of Oklahoma Engineering Media Lab and they are using WebORB to build their RIA programs. Most of these concepts are integrated into an online course management system for engineering education, along with course content that includes eBooks, eLectures and database-driven problem sets. 

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