Here is a sneak peek at what we have added to WebORB for Java 4.1. This release is nearly ready and we are also working hard on the WebORB for Java documentation.

  • Google AppEngine Cloud support - Developing and deploying in the Cloud has special benefits because you can simply create a Google AppEngine account and have the ability to scale your application to match demand using Cloud resources. There is also a different pricing model for Cloud deployments. Learn More>
  • Grails integration - In our quest to continue adding ways to increase your productivity, WebORB for Java v.4.1 supports the popular Grails web application framework, which uses the Groovy programming language running on the Java platform.
  • JSON support - JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format that is ideal for mobile application development. Now WebORB for Java v.4.1 fully supports the JSON format for remote method invocations. Any deployed service, including Java objects, Spring Beans, EJBs or XML Web Services can be invoked from a JSON-RPC client or the JQuery-JSON API.
  • Messaging Code Generation - Past versions of WebORB have included code generation for remoting and data management. Version 4.1 now includes code generation for messaging applications, which will make it faster and easier to add various messaging features (data push, remote shared objects, message broadcast, and streaming) to your application.
  • Messaging Test Drive - The test drive feature enables you to test your integration prior to deploying the integration code into your client application. Version 4.1 adds this functionality for messaging applications.

If you'd like to see a sneak peek of these new features, join us for an
upcoming webinar on February 8th. (See upcoming Webinar information below.)

If you'd like to track and participate in the progress of future WebORB
developments, you are invited to do so using Midnight Coders' JIRA System.


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If you'd like to see our WebORB video library, please Visit us on YouTube.



GMV Innovating Solutions-Skysoft (www.gmv.com) is part of a privately owned technology business group with an international presence. The GMV team recently built a graphical information system (GIS) for Portugal's Lisbon Region Managing Authority - an entity providing a link between central government, local municipalities and regional/European relations. There are 10 municipalities in the region that involved over 50 local and regional partners. Read More>


ALOG Data Centers do Brasil (www.alog.com.br) is a leader in Managed Hosting, thanks to over 1300 corporate clients who permanently renew their confidence in the quality of their services. With three data centers totaling 16,000 square meters and a capacity of over 55,000 servers, ALOG executes and manages cloud computing, colocation and hosting high complexity projects. Alog's client base is growing rapidly and to facilitate this growth, Alog developed a rich custom interface to its custom ERP system. This new interface is enabling the sales organization to work more efficiently, producing better customer care and business results for Alog and its customers. Read More>


The Community Spotlight will be used to shine the light on developers in our application ecosystem. Each month, we'll put the spotlight on different developers and how they are contributing to the developer community.

Jonathan Campos is a Dallas based Flex application developer currently working for Dedo Inc. Recently Jonathan focuses on mobile application development for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS markets. Within the community, Jonathan is the Dallas Flex User Group Manager “D-Flex” and Adobe Community Professional. Jonathan has some helpful resources for building Android applications on his blog.                                      

Contact Links:

Find his professional blog at: unitedmindset.com/jonbcampos
Follow him on twitter at: twitter.com/jonbcampos


Sunil A.Nair is a coder from India who has been involved in designing and developing various kinds of applications using Adobe Flex and .NET/JAVA/PHP for around 4 years now. Sunil has been consistently using WebORB for .NET for over two years in order to build powerful rich internet applications and is currently writing an article on pushing data from .NET to Flex using MSMQ. Apart from coding he also enjoys playing soccer and cricket.

Contact Links:
Twitter - twitter.com/sunilanair
LinkedIn - in.linkedin.com/in/sunilanair
blog -  sunilanair.wordpress.com

For game developers, check out what Nathan and JR are doing to add value for the gaming community. gamify.com/experts

Nathan Lands, CEO and co-Founder of Gamify, is a Hustler. He began his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 15 in Alabama when he began making money from playing games and has been creating companies ever since. Nathan is crazy passionate about having an impact on the world and has always believed life should be more fun like a game. That idea started as a child when he wondered why you couldn't level up in real life and that dream led to the inception of Gamify. Nathan is a gamer and has been fortunate to become friends with most of the top game designers and executives in gaming and also had a major booth at E3 with his last company, GameStreamer. During his early 20's he traveled Asia and studied Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan.

Contact Links:
LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/nathanlands
Twitter - twitter.com


J.R. Bédard - CTO and Co-Founder of Gamify is a Hacker. He started tinkering with electronics and programming games at a young age from a small town in Québec. After spending 5 years building robots in engineering school, J.R. joined Ubisoft Montréal where he worked on the productions ofMyst IV and Assassin's Creed. Wanting to flee Canadian winters, and having learned english watching The Simpsons, he then moved to Hollywood and worked on ZBrush, a digital sculpting software for movie productions. Not a fan of Los Angeles traffic jams, he then moved up to San Francisco and joined Scribd as the first employee where he created iPaper, the online document viewer. Now as a co-founder at Gamify, he can finally mix all of that into the next big thing on the internets and beyond.

Contact Links:
LinkedIn -www.linkedin.com/in/jrbedard
Twitter - twitter.com


Next month we will be launching a Developer Challenge, so stay tuned for details. This challenge will offer many opportunities to build your WebORB skills while having fun, gaining recognition and earning rewards for your participation.