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Hot Off The Press!  WebORB for .NET now runs in the Microsoft AZURE cloud! 


We have just released WebORB version 4.1 for .NET, which includes an integration with Microsoft's Azure cloud environment, support for ActionScript 3 Vector class and a new graphical server configuration screen in WebORB's management console.  Why are these updates significant?

Integration with Microsoft Azure

A growing trend is for IT organizations to leverage the power of cloud computing resources which expand and contract based on user volume to reduce infrastructure costs. The Microsoft Azure platform supports this paradigm, enabling companies of any size to get up and running quickly with server resources without any up-front costs - you only pay for what you use.

Developer's using WebORB running in any mode can publish their WebORB-enabled .NET applications into Azure to fully leverage WebORB's remoting and messaging feature-set in the cloud.  WebORB can also be added to cloud projects in Visual Studio and deployed into Azure where it will serve as a gateway between supported client types and project services. For information on how to Deploy your application into Azure, please visit our WebORB for .NET Developer Guide.

You may wonder how leveraging expanding and contracting resources in the cloud will impact how we license WebORB for Azure.  We are currently defining our utility pricing model for cloud computing.  This means that you will be charged only for the compute hours x # of server resources that you use.  This pricing will be finalized in September.  For now, you are free to test this new version of WebORB in the Azure cloud to ensure it will meet your needs.

Graphical Server Configuration

Single screen access to information is one of the greatest ease of use benefits that web applications provide.  WebORB should be no different, so we have added the ability to configure the WebORB server graphically from within the management console.  This means developers do not need to go outside of WebORB to edit some text-based config file to configure the server.  

ActionScript 3 Vector Class 

Many developers have a need to work with vectors instead of arrays, so we have listened to you and WebORB 4.1 now supports AS3 Vector Class Mapping. Learn more about Vector Class Mappings in our documentation.

Download your free copy of WebORB v.4.1 for .NET and give us your feedback.  

WebORB for Java Update

The WebORB for Java 4.0 release is now in QA and will be released very soon, so stay tuned to Twitter (midnightcoder) and our Blog, where you will hear it first.



Midnight Coders is growing again, so please welcome Technology Evangelist, technical writer and inventor Jim Plamondon.  Jim is most notable for his role at Microsoft in the 1990s for systemizing the theory and practice of platform evangelism.  Now on-board at Midnight Coders, Jim will do for a living what he used to do just for fun - crafting sample code, blarticles (Blog article) and tubecasts (YouTube videos) that demonstrate how to use the latest features of cutting-edge technologies in an effort to help spread wider adoption for WebORB as a standard for rapid integration of online applications. 


We're in the process of finalizing some of our new case studies, which will be available in August.  In the meantime, feel free to visit our website to see what customers are saying about WebORB.  Testimonials are posted on the lower left corner of our product pages.  Note the common thread "WebORB Saved Us Development Time" and "Performance has Improved".  Really, you can't go wrong with using WebORB and many companies are winning using the code generation and invocation test drive productivity tools.  Here are some of our favorite quotes:

"WebORB code generation has been a constant benefit to us and adapting to the data types just works. Messaging and deployment in various development environments makes our work fairly quick and clean.  With constantly changing requirements WebORB data management console is a great tool.   Our back-end developers can test everything using the invocation test drive without waiting for a response from the front-end developers.  We definitely recommend WebORB as a development tool for agile web application projects and can say our experience with the product has been excellent." -Rafael Ochoac, Alcora Group

"We needed to integrate our back-end data to a Flex-based data analysis tool.  We found that WebORB let us get up and running very quickly, and provides a perfect interface for us (who know very little about Flex).  We were able to easily provide to the Flex consultants the backend access they needed.  Since we can just update the .NET component, our data folks can add new calls without needing to know anything about Flex.  WebORB enables us to turn around new requests very efficiently." - Michael Sisolak, Global Village Publishing

"I became aware of the problems with loading huge amounts of data fromWDSL SOAP Web Services about 12 months ago.  After a few trys, going from WSDL to JSON, we were able to reduce the packet size from 17MB to 8.5MB. We gave up Web Services after trying WebORB, because in the 1st try we were able to reduce the 17 MB data package to 350 KB.  The time to parse the data is now zero because we don"t use XML or JSON, just the WebORB objects from .NET to ActionScript." - Flavio Carmo, Projenet 

"Our customers ask for RIAs that are simple and uncomplicated. We believe that simple software is built with simple tools. From the first day that Apriva used WebORB, we found the installation was easy, there were no complicated settings, and it just worked! We love that we can just copy a DLL into the application folder and it instantly becomes accessible for testing without needing access to the software client." - Antonio Marques, Apriva 

We need a solution that is agile and efficient for developing with C# and Flex 3.  After using WebORB, we were able to reduce our development time by 30%, enabling us to release projects faster.  Our experience tell us that WebORB is our best choice for agile development and better profitability." - Luis Gomez, OLABC

"inXsol develops elearning and simulations using Flash/Flex for client side user interfaces. We are able to develop quickly on the .NET server side, but found coding for FMS or web services is slow and the FMS and .NET interfacing was a bit kludgey.  We found WebORB delivered productivity and streaming technology that seamlessly bridged the communication between client side SWF and our server side simulation engines.  Our development time was reduced and our prototyping can be done in a day versus several days." - Henry Ryng, inXsol

"We are using WebORB for Java to develop a chat platform. The built-in streaming media feature is useful as it allows us to share video across multiple users. We initially sought to use BlazeDS, but then replaced it with WebORB for Java to reduce the complexity of our system. Another great benefit of using WebORB is that we have the ability to integrate not only with Flex, but also to Flash, AJAX and Silverlight.  WebORB has helped us a great deal!" - Wildfire Media

"We are using WebORB for .NET to improve our online experience and take the technology used by non-profits to the next level. Our users enjoy faster load times, better upload reliability, and improved data transfer with WebORB running our backend.  We have also used it to add on great flash integration features like video stream recording and playback and dynamic image capturing and editing.  Developers get from design to completed code in less time too improving our return on investment in web technology. WebORB is a great tool and so very beneficial.  Thanks for helping us serve others better!" - David McDaniel, Truthcasting

"We had experience building custom generators to transform Java objects into PDFs.  Our requirements were to develop a solution that would allow customers to obtain receipts with graphics in PDF format.  While our department had the technical skills to easily implement this solution, our short timeframe caused us much grief.  We decided to use WebORB for Java as a solution because it was easy to deploy, flexible to develop with and customizable.  We saved 3-4 weeks of development time using WebORB for Java." - Caius Swopes, Wilson Sporting Goods


For those who are new to WebORB, keep your eyes peeled on our Midnight Coders' Blog.  Jim is fast at work writing up "Blarticles" and "Tubecasts" for WebORB newbies, so you'll be able to find his latest works right on our Blog (without digging into our website or docs).  His first blarticle and tubecast provide step by step instructions on how to create your first HelloWorld application using WebORB v.4.1 for .NET.  

As always, we like to hear from our developer community.  Please let us know what information you find helpful in this newsletter and also suggest some content you'd like to see in future newsletters.  Also, let us know if you'd like your company to be highlighted in our newsletter.  You can provide your feedback HERE