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As our name states, we’re the Midnight Coders, and we’re working through the night on the following high priority development efforts:

RIA AppPuncher Debugger

We have a new major release version 2.1 of the Debugger Edition available for download. This release adds support for HTTPS, reverse proxy and visualization enhancements.  This is a high priority release as we finalize the integration with our CloudPuncher.com service, which will provide load testing and performance monitoring using cloud resources. Stay tuned and definitely give AppPuncher Debugger a try.  Please provide feedback to help us further refine the product for your benefit.

RIA AppPuncher Overview
RIA AppPuncher Debugger Download
RIA AppPuncher Debugger Feedback

WebORB for .NET 4.0

We released Version 4.0 Beta 2 last month and have frequently updated the Documentation.  We’d appreciate help with reviewing this documentation.  Specific feedback on what documentation is helpful to you or needed will guide and prioritize our writing efforts. So please help us help you.  Important links are provided below:


WebORB for .NET Overview
WebORB for .NET Download
WebORB for .NET Documentation (PDF)
WebORB for .NET Feedback

WebORB for Java

We get lots of inquiries about WebORB for Java and want to assure our customers and those newly interested in the product that we are actively working on WebORB for Java version 4.0.  This version will be functionally equivalent with our WebORB for .NET product.  We don’t have an exact release date yet so stay tuned.  You can track progress in the Midnight Coders Bug Tracking System


WebORB for Java Overview
WebORB for Java Download
WebORB for Java Feedback


This is our cloud-based load testing and performance monitoring service.  The service is currently in private beta testing.  Please Contact Us if you are interested in participating as a beta customer.

WebORB Cloud

We are actively working on creating cloud versions of WebORB for Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.  You can track progress in the Midnight Coders Bug Tracking System.


Midnight Coders is growing so please welcome graphic design artist Charles Gay.   Charles has had over 15 years of experience as a graphic designer and brings a distinct sense of style that compliments the function and precision of Rich Internet Applications.  He has an eye for clean simplicity and is in tune with the unique needs of various applications and clients. He enjoys the challenge of creating fresh designs that represent the product and its character.  Charles will lead the design efforts for all of our consulting opportunities going forward.

Speaking of Consulting, we are getting more and more requests for project help due to the experience we have with RIA integration and developing with various client- and server-side technologies.  We wanted to mention that if you have a need to outsource some or all of your development, we do have experienced resources that can be assigned to your project.  The types of projects we like to work on include:

  • Any legacy application that needs a complete overhaul or new look & feel;
  • Any existing application that has performance, scalability or user experience limitations;
  • Any new project that can't be developed in-house due to lack of familiarity with RIA technologies;
  • Any new project that is at risk of meeting a deadline and could be parsed for partial outsource development;
  • Any project that is short on resources.

Services Overview
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Please follow our customer stories to see how they are succeeding with our products and services.  Case Studies will be uploaded to our site soon.

introNetworks (Montecito, CA) is a company that offers a Rich Internet Application, which facilitates people connections through the creation of large categorized social networks.   The company chose WebORB for .NET to increase application performance, scalability and time to market, enabling introNetworks to accelerate development and deliver cutting edge technology to their customers.  Read More

“Midnight Coders has been a great partner for us.  Their technology enables us to do things even quicker, both in development and in the application.  Their support – having the ability to talk to the right person at the right time gave us a lot of confidence in our ability to scale across the hundreds of countries we are in now.” – Mark Sylvester, CEO, Co-Founder

InfoVista (Addison, TX) contracted Midnight Coders to build its next generation Rich Internet Application called Vista360TM, which enables managed service providers, mobile operators, broadband operators and enterprise IT organizations to successfully make the transition from infrastructure provider to service provider.  This has positioned InfoVista and its customers for a better future going forward.

“It has been a great experience working with the Midnight Coders team, who is and has been demonstrating not only highly technical skills but also a commitment to delivering the highest level of quality work possible. The initial selection of Midnight Coders was based on their best-of-class answer to our RFP and has proven over the months to be a good choice.“ Manuel Stopnicki, CTO

Hallmark (Europe) is a leading publisher of customer greeting cards the world over.  It’s European division chose Wowww to develop and WebORB for .NET to power its new online custom greeting card application that publishes over 8000 custom cards per day.

“When comparing WebORB to other products, WebORB’s performance was best and the customer service and technical support we received was critical to our success.” Gerdt Brouwer – Director of Development


We're constantly looking for ways to make developers' jobs easier.  Here are a couple of resources you can use to help you as you evaluate and develop with our products and services.

Developer Forum

The Developer Forum is a very important resource with over 4000 members participating in one discussion or another.  Each product has its own forum, where discussions on Installation and Setup, Flex Remoting, Data Management, Deployment and WebORB in Action take place.  It’s a wonderful resource for those just getting started and a great opportunity for the Community to come together as a whole to help one another.

Anyone can browse the Developer Forum without creating an account. If you want to start or contribute to a forum topic, you will need to register only once, after which the system will recognize you so you won’t need to keep logging in.  Under the “Options” tab you have multiple ways to automatically stay informed, including:

  • RSS Feed
  • Watchlist
  • Email

For any of these options to take effect, you would need to open up the topic of interest to you or create a topic and then go into the Options tab located near the upper right side of your screen and select the options that apply.  The system will automatically update your RSS Feed, WatchList or email anytime someone responds to the topic of interest to you.   You can follow as many topics as you want.  

If you have been helped on the Developer Forum, your call to action is to help others in this Forum.  We value this greatly and will help you more as you help others in our Community.

Midnight Coders Bug Tracking System

Midnight Coders' Bug Tracking System is where you learn about the status of any issues we are currently working on, who reported the issue and who is working on the issue.   This is also where you can submit any bugs you find in any of our products.  Your input here is very important and will greatly help us expedite rolling out new releases.  So if you are waiting for a new release, this is where you can help speed the process.

You will need to register as a user to access the system and then you can begin browsing the issues for the product of interest to you.  If you find bugs, please help us by submitting a new issue.  To submit a new issue, simply go into the project that is relevant to your issue (ex: WebORB for .NET). Next, select the component (ex: Service Browser) and then select Create New Issue and follow the prompts for data input.


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