We announced last month that WebORB for .NET v.4.2 was coming soon and now its here and available through our download system.  This version includes support for many new features including Installer-less Installation.  When you go to the download site, you will have the option to download a zip file or a Windows installer package.  The zip file format is useful if you are attempting to install WebORB on a system where IIS is not available or you are running into any kind of problem with the standard product installer.  Learn more>

The following are the new features available in WebORB for .NET 4.2 (including links to documentation for each feature).  Those features that will be useful in Java environments too are being ported to our WebORB for Java product, so stay tuned.  

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New Features & Documentation

Response Caching -  Methods on the services deployed in WebORB can now be tagged with a method attribute which instructs WebORB to cache methodís return values. Once a return value is cached, subsequent invocations will be circumvented and WebORB will deliver a cached return value back to the client.  WebORB's caching system allows a lot of customizations. This feature is important as it improves application performance by minimizing the amount of traffic on the wire. Learn more> 

Apache NMS Support - Now, not only does WebORB's pub/sub system support MSMQ, but it also supports Apache NMS. This means you can easily configure a messaging destination and link it to an NMS topic or queue. WebORB destinations can be accessed by Flex, .NET or Java applications and enable integration with any NMS-compliant provider. In the very near future you will also be able to interact with WebORB messaging destinations directly from JavaScript and iOS applications as well.  Learn more> 

NHibernate Integration - This is by far one of our favorite features in 4.2. It is a fairly rich integration which enables inspection of the deployed NHibernate models using WebORB Service browser. You can also generate client-side ActionScript code to work with the deployed NHibernate code and test it using WebORB's invocation test drive. A future version of WebORB will also add integration support for JavaScript clients.  Learn more>  (Note: WebORB for Java supports Hibernate.)  

H.264 Video Streaming - WebORB supports real-time video streaming for Flash and Flex clients. The product enables both live video streaming as well as video on demand. For the on-demand video supported video codecs include: H.264/MPEG-4 AVCSorenson Video and Screen Video.  Learn more>   

MP3 Recording and Playback - WebORB supports real-time MP3 audio streaming on top of the RTMP protocol. The feature enables users to quickly jump to any point in the audio stream without waiting for any buffering. The product can stream both live audio streams as well as on-demand audio streams.  Learn more> 

JSON Client Support - WebORB fully supports the JSON format for remote method invocations. Any deployed service, including .NET classes from class libraries, WCF services, Spring.NET objects, NHibernate models and Web Services, can be invoked from a JSON client. All server-side features, including service security, service activation, service and argument factories, invocation monitoring, and abstract arguments, are applicable to the JSON invocations.  Learn more> 

If you'd like to track and participate in the progress of future WebORB developments, you are invited to do so using Midnight Coders' JIRA System.

WebORB 101 - Introductory Videos

These videos are great for those new to WebORB and those who've used WebORB, but might not have used some of the features covered in these videos:

New Sample Applications

Given that so many applications these days incorporate some form of messaging, we think you'll be very happy to see some practical samples that show how to do text chat and data push.

WebORB Webinar Schedule

The following FREE webinars are planned for Q4/2010.  Click the links to register.

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EMC Corporation

EMC Corporation is in the information management industry and is focused on helping customers store, protect, add intelligence, virtualize and automate their information infrastructure.  The Ionix Family of resource management solutions focus on helping customers optimize their IT Infrastructure.  Ionix chose WebORB for Java to help create a common user interface for their storage management suite.  Read Case Study>  


Dedoose - the first of its kind mixed-methods research system is standardized on WebORB for .NET as the backbone of this cutting-edge Rich Internet Application.  Dedoose offers an improved way to do both qualitative and quantitative research and the software is deployed as a service, which helps end-users avoid costly desktop installations and maintenance contracts.  Read Case Study>