This Just In...  Mark Piller will be at the Adobe Max Conference and will be presenting in a session on how we used the FlashBuilder extensibility APIs to build our FlashBuilder plugin for .NET.  Here is the title of the session:  Streamlining Development Processes with Powerful Tools from the Flex Ecosystem Tuesday, October, 26th, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm.  If you attend, be sure to say hi.


Support for H.264 Playback

WebORB provides industrial strength, high-quality, on-demand video streaming right "out-of-the-box ".  Yes...Enterprise Edition AND Community Edition support media streaming, so everyone from our young start-up customers to our large enterprise class customers can implement high-quality media streaming in their applications using WebORB for Java v. 4.1 (available now) or WebORB for .NET v.4.2 (to be released this month).  You don't need to buy and integrate some other 3rd party software to do media streaming.

What is H.264?  H.264 is being promoted as one of the highest quality video format standards around...not by us alone, but by industry users.  In fact, the Video Surveillance industry states that H.264 is synonymous with "high quality video" that can be used in a range of applications that cover all forms of digital compressed video including low bit-rate Internet streaming and HDTV broadcast applications.  Reference>

If you'd like to track and participate in the progress of future WebORB developments, you are invited to do so using our Midnight Coders JIRA resource.

Cool New Features in WebORB for .NET

In addition to including support for H.264, WebORB for .NET v.4.2 will add the following features:

  • Response Caching (includes support for AMF and AJAX clients) - Improves performance by storing server method invocation responses so they can be reused for subsequent requests.  WebORB supports  Global-, Session- and Instance-caching.
  • Apache NMS support - Automatically routes messages published to WebORB messaging destinations to the corresponding NMS destinations.  Also acts as a proxy between an NMS destination and subscribed WebORB clients.
  • NHibernate support -Supports NHibernate models visualization in the Service Browser, Code Generator, Invocation Test Drive and runtime connectivity between Flex, Flash, AJAX clients and NHibernate applications.
  • MP3 Playback
  • JSON client support
  • Basic Data Paging

More WebORB Remoting Examples with Source Code

In addition to the new 4.2 features, we 19 new examples with source code.  We publish these examples to our Blog and you can stay informed by Subscribing to our Blog.  Our newest examples cover just about everything you want to know about remoting.  We are working on WDMF examples next and examples for WebORB for Java too.  Here are the direct links to the newest examples.


See How WebORB Increases Your ROI

ROI Whitepaper

Last month we posted a blarticle on the ROI of using WDMF on our Blog.  The example showed that WDMF, at least for this example, could save quite a bit of development time and money...something like a whopping $23,000. 

We got curious and tasked one of our ninja coders to develop the same application without WebORB and WDMF.  It took him 81 hours and 6,692 lines of code to manually produce the same application that was created with WebORB in less than 10 minutes.  WebORB is simply Magical!  It saved 80+ hours of coding/testing time, in fact the only code the developer had to write when using WebORB was the client-side interface and business logic.  In the manual coding example, our developer did not document his code, but the WebORB generated code is documented.

Now we thought to ourselves, if WebORB can save 80 hours of time for an application that has 6,692 lines of code, how much time could it save for larger applications that consist of millions of lines of code?  What does that translate into in terms of dollar savings? To find out, please download our  ROI Whitepaper.


WebORB in the News

Last month we announced a partnership with SapphireSteel Software and Midnight Coders that would produce an integration between WebORB and Amethyst inside of Visual Studio. This is wonderful...no...ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC news for .NET developers who have been frustrated with FlashBuilder and Eclipse. You'll be happy to know that the integration effort is going well and should be completed ahead of schedule.  If you want to get a head start, you can download a  free 60 day evaluation of Amethyst today.

Since our announcement last month, we solicited your help in convincing Visual Studio Magazine's Peter Vogel to review our products and you came through.  Thanks .NET developers!  Peter stated that they will review WebORB and Amethyst.  See the blog post and read what developers had to say on this topic.

Now we need to solicit help again from our WebORB for Java and WebORB for .NET fans.  InfoWorld's James Borck published a review of Microsoft Silverlight 4 vs Adobe Flash 10.  We think he kind of missed the boat by not including alternative technologies.  Please take a few minutes to let him know what you think of WebORB vs LCDS or BlazeDS and if you've tried Amethyst running in Visual Studio, let him know what you think of that too.  Here is the link to that article:  http://www.infoworld.com/d/developer-world/infoworld-review-microsoft-silverlight-4-vs-adobe-flash-101-260/all#comment-31657

Interested in Getting Published?

Writing industry articles and technical reviews is a great way to make a name for yourself in the industry.  If you are a developer who would like to write some technical articles, we've got a list of topics that need coverage and can help you get started.  Please Contact Us to let us know you are interested.  


Green Mountain Consulting

Industry leader Green Mountain Consulting  (GMC) Raves About WebORB.  GMC uses WebORB to create and power a comprehensive parcel spend management solution that helps some of the largest companies in the world save on their shipping costs.  WebORB is their key to providing customers secure, reliable, scalable and highly responsive access to their data.  For some customers, that means instant access to nearly half a billion rows of data in a single database.     Read More>


FlexiTime, Ltd.

FlexiTime Got To Market Faster Using WebORB.  FlexiTime creates real value for their customers using WebORB, which not only helped them get to market faster, but also provides the glue that integrates rostering and time recording with payroll.  This allows businesses to pay employees using a very simple one-step process.  

FlexiTime uses WebORB Data Management for Flex (WDMF) to map the data model and business logic in the SQL Server database to a Flex front-end.  Read More>