Our Team

The Midnight Coders' team consists of a very talented group of technical professionals who are focused on delivering the most robust RIA technologies designed to make development easy and production deployments innovative, easy to use, powerful and scalable.  The team members you've talked with most include:

Mark Piller

Mark is the Founder/CEO of Midnight Coders.  With more than 15 years of experience in developing distributed computing applications, Mark has applied his deep technical acumen to produce the state of the art integration server platform known as WebORB. Prior to Midnight Coders, Mark worked at webMethods and was responsible for architecting the company's SOA solution. Prior experience includes leading the design and implementation of multiple features of Glue, a web-services platform from The Mind Electric that was acquired by webMethods, as well as senior technical positions with ObjectSpace, MCI and SABRE.

Bruce Sundquist

Bruce is the Executive Vice President of Sales and brings a unique talent to Midnight Coders, being recognized as a top sales executive in the software industry for over twenty years.  He has been a leader for both start-up and billion dollar software companies.  He was instrumental in the successful acquisitions of Cayenne Software by Sterling Commerce, ProtoSoft by Platinum Technologies and The Mind Electric by webMethods. Additional positions included Regional Sales Manager, District Sales Manager, Director of North American Sales and Vice President of Sales, at such companies as IDE, ObjectSpace, IONA, BEA and Tektronix.

Sergey Kukurudzyak

Sergey is leading the .NET-based product development at Midnight Coders. Sergey received the Master degree in Computer Science from the Shevchenko University of Kyiv. With more than 5 years of product development experience,  Sergey has extensive background in web development technologies, including HTML, Javascript, AJAX and jQuery. Presently he focuses on the back-end technologies, such as Cloud computing, WCF, SOAP, REST services and ORM solutions.

Michael Cheremuhin

Michael is a quality control engineer and ensures the best up-to-date testing approaches for improving quality and usability of the Midnight Coders' products. After starting career as an editor-in-chief in a specialized computer magazine, Michael continued to deepen his computer skills, while improving analytical skills and methodical approaches. Michael's background includes more than eight years of analytical and management experience. He continues his advancement in the area of computer science by pursuing a degree at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

Vyacheslav Vdovichenko

Vyacheslav is a senior developer at Midnight Coders concentrating on the development for the iOS platform. He received the Masters degree in Computer Science from Kiev Polytechnic Institute and worked as Senior Researcher at Ukrainian Institute of Communications. Vyacheslav has more then 20 years of development experience which includes C/C++, Delphi, Objective C, iOS SDK, HTML, CSS, XML. He has extensive background in network technologies: TCP/IP, IPSec VPN, VLAN, XMPP, RTP/RTSP.

Ivan Lappo

Ivan is а lead Java developer and focuses on developing Midnight Coders' highly sophisticated cloud solutions including CloudPuncher and Cloud-based version of the WebORB product line. He has graduated with the Bachelor degree in Computer science from the Kyiv Politechnical Institute. Currently he pursues his Masters degree. Ivan's core expertise is in implementing enterprise business application and solving concurency problems. His prior experience was in developing server-side solutions for various outsourced projects.

Tanya Volkova

Tanya has graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” with a Master's degree in Computer Science. At Midnight Coders Tanya is in charge of the products implemented with the Flex technology and applies her expertise in graphical user interfaces and user experience to support the Midnight Coders’ products. Tanya's background is in web development including RIA applications, ASP.NET based applications, as well as XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, and SQL. Tanya's interests are in client/server architectures, Java and .NET technologies, agile development, domain-driven design, test-driven development and design of enterprise software. One of the most favorite authors is Martin Fowler. She enjoys reading, sports, and learning foreign languages.

Dmitry Krasikov

Dmitriy has graduated from the Kyiv-Mohyla academy. He has written his first computer program at the age of 11. Dmitriy has a passion for computer algorithms: during his student years he participated in various programming contests and was a captain of the university team. Currently his areas of interest are AI, programming languages, non-UI development and creation of software for other developers.