ALOG Data Centers do Brasil is a leader in Managed Hosting, thanks to hundreds of corporate clients who permanently renew their confidence in the quality of their services. ALOG owns two safe buildings, with a total area of 4,000 square meters entirely dedicated to hosting, colocation and Cloud computing. ALOG manages more than 4,000 servers, Internet applications and critical mission systems, and executes complex hosting projects with the best cost-benefit ratio in the market. ALOG's mission is to be the largest, best and most profitable data center in Brazil, providing excellence in services so as to exceed client expectations.

PERSA2 (P2) is a web application that simulates a desktop on the user's browser and is the front door to ALOG's sales organization. It is now being used by ALOG's Commercial and Projects departments for generating, managing and validating custom commercial proposals and is a critical for business success - it has to be up and running 99.99% of the time. Using P2, ALOG's Sales team can easily manage sales opportunities, track their progress using the dashboards, and create commercial proposals in just a few minutes. It also allows ALOG directors and managers to validate projects and analyze financial performance indicators. ALOG's proprietary Flex desktop and MDI engine also provide a very friendly, customizable and modern interface for ALOG users. The goal for this application was to completely change the way their users work, enabling ALOG to better serve its customers.

"These features completely changed the user experience and the way users work. For example, now two users can work simultaneously on the same commercial proposal, inserting items and updating values in collaborative mode. And these two users are many miles away from each other. This is only one of the examples and shows the impact of using the Messaging feature of WEBORB. I would say itís not a feature, itís a wonder! - Carlos Jose Aran "

"Wow! This auto-synchronization feature is awesome. I can work with my co-worker located in Rio de Janeiro even when I am in Sao Paulo and get instant updates. - Marco Felliziani"