Dedoose was designed from the ground up — by researchers for researchers — to meet the needs of today’s social scientists, marketers, educators, students, and business professionals: anyone who needs innovative software to help with research problems that combine qualitative and quantitative data, including data that represents culture and context.

Dedoose was designed and built for one primary purpose—to facilitate the management and analysis of the data that come from mixed methods research. There are great tools for analyzing quantitative data and great tools for analyzing qualitative data, but Dedoose is breaking new ground in serving the growing number of researchers and research teams using mixed methods by making it fast, easy, and inexpensive to do the things mixed methods researchers need to do.

"Jason from Dedoose here - the internet only web based mixed methods research application, making qualitative and mixed methods research easy! We are one of WebORB's early adopters and would never make a rich internet application without it! Our small team has been able to rapidly develop a robust, feature rich, and compelling tool for our customers and the critical piece that has reduced our development cycle by more than 75% is WebORB. WebORB's expanded feature-set has enabled us to offer our customers even more and better features over time, which makes business better too. Thank you Mark and the team at the Midnight Coders for helping us realize our dreams! ."