Dresden University of Technology


TU Dresden is a multi-disciplinary university that offers not only studies in science and engineering, but also humanities, social sciences and medicine. The Institute of Software and Multimedia Technology deals with all aspects of the conception, design, realization and maintenance of complex application systems and media.

The application called DelViz, which stands for Deep Exploration and Lookup of Visualizations, is used to browse and filter information visualizations. This application supports adding and tagging information visualizations (backend) and the visualization, searching and exploration of the visualization collection (frontend).

"We developed an application that had WCF webservices and needed to integrate these services with Adobe Flash. Had in not been for WebORB's code generation and integration with WCF and Flash, our project would have failed. Even though we tried other solutions like CodePlex and FluorineFX, WebORB was the only one that allowed us to meet our tight deadline."