GMV Innovating Solutions Skysoft is part of a privately owned technology business group with an international presence. GMV offers solutions, services and products in very diverse sectors, such as Aeronautics, Banking and Finances, Space, Defense, Health, Security, Transportation, Telecommunications, and Information Technology for Public Administration and large corporations. GMV's goal is to support its client's processes by dint of technologically advanced solutions, providing integrated systems, specialized products and services covering the whole life cycle. These range from consultancy and engineering services up to the development of software and hardware, the integration of turnkey systems and operational backup.

GMV built a graphical information system (GIS) for Portugal's Lisbon Region Managing Authority, an entity providing a link between central government, local municipalities and regional/European relations. There are 10 municipalities in the region that involved over 50 local and regional partners. Information regarding city interventions (e.g. street works, etc.) is centralized and used by the management personal from different services to support intervention planning (resource usage, optimizations, etc.) The application was built in Flex, connecting to a .NET back-end.

"WebORB handles big responses much better than SOAP web services because it uses a binary process to transport data. SOAP requests must be loaded, parsed, validated, de serialized, etc., which takes longer. The difference in performance is very obvious on big requests. Additionally, the productivity tools like code generation has saved us a lot of time. We're about 90% more productive. In fact, tasks that used to take us a day to complete now only take a few minutes. "