Gui Biomedica

Biomedical Guide provides solutions to everyday engineering questions swiftly and accurately. It is the first online community of its kind in Latin America that helps community members deal with various problems that arise in the field of clinical engineering, bioengineering and biomedical engineering infrastructure and equipment.This service is operated through a virtual e-learning center consisting of professionals and stakeholders who's vision is to advance biomedical science in Latin America.

The application is a web-based online classroom that provides free courses, seminars and workshops. The purpose of this application is to promote collaborative work among biomedical engineers to solve technical and administrative problems in Latin America. It helps engineering professionals learn all about biomedical equipment, such as repair, management, evaluation, documentation, handling and use guidelines.

"We needed to connect our Java Servlets to a Flex client. We evaluated Live Cycle Data Services, but found WebORB was much easier to use, integrates well with multiple backends and quickened our response times to queries from the community."