Israeli Air Force

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) was born in to the War of Independence in 1948 and today thrives as a strong military force built to protect the State of Israel from aerial attack. This force is continually refreshed year after year as tens of thousands of students graduate and go on to serve in the IAF.

AF's development team built a Flex application called Plada khula that connects to ASP.NET services and data. The application is used by school principals, IAF representatives, project managers, and IAF senior managers to track and manage tens of thousands of high school and college students, which have been funded by the IAF so that these students will eventually work for the IAF. The students (which the application manages) learn various subjects, which prepare them for various jobs at the IAF. The application provides advanced reports and stores the data of all of the students in one organized place, while providing access to that data from multiple locations. The application also notifies users whenever there is a change to a data record.

"When we found WebORB we finally got useful tools which connect Flex and .NET very easily. WebORB was very simple to use and WebORB's data paging was very straightforward. From the research we did we saw that WebORB was much faster than its equivalents and of course from the way we worked, WebORB data push services was very fast and easy to use."