Pinfra is at the forefront of large scale construction and operations throughout Mexico and Latin America. It is focused on the construction, operation, maintenance, financing and promotion of major manufacturing and construction projects and is a leading concessionaire for highways, parking lots, bridges and ports.

Electronic Payments ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) is designed for highway toll collection, based on RFID technology. This technology enables nonstop, automatic and accurate fee collection without cash or human interference, which reduces mechanical attrition, fuel consumption and vehicle exhaust. It also helps speed up vehicle passage, improves highway efficiency, and minimizes the possibility of mistaken and unsuccessful collection. The application manages the customer information that is collected via RFID technology.

"We built a control system, which is used to manage electronic toll collection on Latin America's highways. We needed to connect a Flex client with .NETand evaluated FlourineFX and BlazeDS for Java. Having constantly changing requirements, we needed a simple and flexible solution. We decided on WebORB because it was the only solution that enabled us to produce a product without delays. WebORB enabled us to separate the front-end and the back-end, giving us more control over development and more information security."