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UnitB Technology is a full-service Internet agency that offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing, Web 2.0 and IT solutions. Together, with our customers, we develop customized, innovative IT and marketing solutions to improve business processes across the enterprise. Our goal is to help increase the satisfaction of customers and their partners and employees.

The application is called Cartett and is a simple well known card game in Germany. A player can build his own deck of cards by buying new cards from the shop and sorting them. Each card has four numeric attributes, which represent four characteristics of the car (c02 consumption, insurance price, weight, acceleration). Five cards from the deck are picked automatically by the system at the beginning of the game. The players alternatively play a card of their set, playing on an attribute. For instance, the Mercedes-Benz SLS on weight. The second player has to  choose a card of his own. The card with the lowest weight wins. A game plays in 5 rounds.

"We are building a Flash Facebook game communicating to a server based on WebORB. We chose WebORB, because we wanted to push data from the server without having to poll via HTTP GET request. WebORB"s data push, object serialization, remote debugging worked great! The console has been a bonus, since our Flash programmer worked externally. We could easily test the new features she integrated and worked more effectively with her using WebORB."