University of New Orleans

The University of New Orleans & Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans Mapping Initiative” (UNMI) is a community-university partnership that initially developed to move the concept of shared data sets to integrated data systems using internet mapping system (IMS) technology.

WhoData is an online mapping application that will allow users to look up individual properties and see what property condition information is available. Users can look at properties in a neighborhood and adjust layers they want to view, such as pictures, vacancies, number of units, LLT, etc.

"My GIS application relies on heavy and frequent querying of the GIS database to implement functions such as "click to identify", "query builder", and "get photos". I initially exposed these services as traditional SOAP services, but they were SLOW and often made the browser freeze up and do other weird and undesirable behaviors. WebORB solves these problems, allowing queries to be done much quicker. I have also found it easier to redeploy a dll than a whole web service everytime I need to make a change."