Web Data Corporation


Since 2005, Web Data Corporation's main business focus has been on the Surplus Property industry, where it is the world leader in online management systems for surplus disposal. Its flagship surplus management system was originally developed for the University of Arizona, and has since been sold to many large universities as well as state surplus agencies and private industry.

FleetSurplusAuctions.com is an online service that provides real-time auctioning of seized and surplus vehicles.

"We chose WebORB for the speed of pushing data out to the end-users and reduced payload on our servers. In our business, the speed of delivering real-time bidding is a great benefit for bidders who do not have to refresh their screen to see competing bids. The result is higher prices at auction, because bidders can react more quickly. Our competitors, on the other hand, are mostly stuck in old 1990ís server side technology."