WebORB is the world's only full-featured, cross-platform, high-performance integration server designed to simplify any complex application integration effort. Developers from around the world use WebORB to ease development and improve application performance, while getting to market faster with greater business success. Please take our Guided Tour to experience the many features and benefits WebORB has to offer.




Universal Connectivity

WebORB is so flexible in design that it provides universal connectivity for desktop, browser AND mobile clients that must communicate with services, data and media located across a growing variety of platforms, devices, databases and computing environments.  Watch Video ›





Real-time Messaging

When your application's critical success factor relies on instant access to information, it's great to know that WebORB supports data push via RTMP, RTMPT and RTMPS. These protocols are used for instant messaging and real-time status and alerts.
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Media Streaming

If your application needs to support video streaming, you are safe with WebORB. It supports H.264 formatted content right out of the box, which is considered one of the highest quality format standards around. As a result, you don’t need to shop around for some third party solution to stream media, which would only increase complexity, cost and time to your development effort.  Learn More ›



RSO & Client Synchronization

Remote Shared Objects (RSO) and Client Synchronization are two commonly used features in data intensive applications. RSO enables multiple clients to connect to a common shared server-side object (services, data, media). Client synchronization is the process of instantly updating all connected clients anytime a change or update has been made. WebORB supports both RSO and client synchronization and even provides conflict resolution when two or more people are working with the same data record.  Watch Video ›



Cloud Integration

Deploying into the Cloud is the latest buzz, but is your business ready or even need to deploy in the Cloud? Whatever your company decides, WebORB gives you the flexibility to choose your environment and change it when needed. WebORB supports standalone, hosted and Cloud-based deployments.  Learn More ›



It’s great to know that your application can scale when needed and that is why Midnight Coder’s created several different modes of operation to meet your budget. At the Enterprise level, you can be assured that you will be able to scale across multiple servers and data centers and have the commercial support necessary to help you when needed at any time of day or night.  Learn More ›



IDE Integration

Time is money and we know you would prefer to work in the IDE of your choosing.  WebORB integrates with the most popular IDEs, including Visual Studio, Eclipse and FlashBuilder allowing you to be as productive and efficient as possible. 





Developers can customize WebORB for maximum usability, making the development process even easier and more efficient. These points of extensibility include not only adding custom service browsers and code generators, but also providing custom ways to map services and serialize objects and special attributes. The point is, WebORB enables developers to do more with their tools of choice.



Model-Driven Development

Data Management using WebORB is really amazing!  Simply import your database and build your data model using WebORB’s drag and drop functionality.  Then generate all of the client-side ActionScript, server-side code and test application for all tables in the data model using just a single mouse click.  The resulting code not only creates an integration between the client and database, but also enables full create, read, update and delete (CRUD) functionality right from within the WebORB management console.  Watch Video ›



Graphical Service Browser

Deploy your DLL’s into WebORB and bam! Your services immediately show up in WebORB’s Service Browser making them available for all kinds of goodness like single click integration code generation, quality assurance testing and user access configuration. Command line configuration is now a thing of the past using WebORB’s rich graphical user interface.   Watch Video ›



Automatic Code Generation

It’s pretty amazing when you can click a button with your mouse and all of your client-side ActionScript code is generated for you. This generated code is fully tested and documented and enables clients to easily communicate with server-side services. Yes! Integration really is that simple and WebORB's code generators produce huge time savings when it comes to generating repeatable blocks of code.
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Test-Driven Development

Nobody likes to wait around.  Now client-side and server-side developers can work effectively together in their independent development environments. Imagine the server-side developer dropping off a fully tested integration that enables a client (not yet built) to access server-side resources. Pretty cool! That’s what WebORB Invocation Test Drive provides.




Graphical Security Configuration

You could configure security via Command Line, but why? It’s so easy to edit permissions using WebORB’s graphic Security Configuration module.  You can establish policies for authentication, authorization, role and code level security. You can also add your own custom security handling policies.
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Graphical Server Configuration

Logging error messages is very helpful and configuring your server to capture specific messages is not only critical, but also necessary for enabling the best performance possible for your application. Having the ability to configure various logging categories and server features graphically without depending on some Command Line tool will save you time so you can work on other application specific logic.  Learn More ›


WebORB PDF Generator Plug-in

Need to generate PDFs from Flex, Flash, AJAX and Silverlight application data? PDF Generator plugs right into WebORB as a full-featured tool for generating PDF templates, which enable easy creation and distribution of client-side content. You can even embed live Flash content, such as text chat for guided forms.  Learn More ›