WebORB Product Editions

WebORB is a multi-functional development and runtime platform that is used to remove the complexity of integrating data and content from .NET, Java, PHP and Rails server-side resources with Flex, Flash, AJAX, Silverlight, iPhone and iPAD clients.  While WebORB for PHP and WebORB for Rails are free open source solutions,  WebORB for .NET and WebORB for Java are commercial closed source solutions designed to run in three different modes of operation.  We created these three modes, because we knew at each stage of development, your project needs vary.  Depending upon the development stage you are in, you may or may not need to speak to a member of the Midnight Coders' team about software licenses. Whatever your need, Midnight Coders provides easy access to powerful solutions that solve your immediate problems fast.

Development Mode

WebORB running in Development Mode is FREE and does not require a license key. The nice thing about this mode of operation is that you can download as many copies as you have developers for FREE and develop your entire project without buying anything from Midnight Coders.  The only limitations to WebORB running in Development Mode are that a single deployment limits connections to no more than 5 IP addresses and the WebORB for .NET product requires IIS.  What this means is that if you have 6 or more developers accessing a single server running WebORB in Development Mode, only the first five will have access. One way to get around this is to have each developer download his or her own copy of WebORB to their local machine and develop locally.  Another way around this is to use Community Edition for development.

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Enterprise Edition

We created Enterprise Edition for those environments that must scale beyond a single server. Typically, these are deployments that require fault tolerance, load-balancing or clustering.  Enterprise Edition is not free and does require a license key.  Upon receiving and activating your license key, all restrictions associated with the FREE products will be removed, unlocking a powerful and scalable solution that is backed by commercial support.

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Note:  These modes of operation do not apply to WebORB for PHP and WebORB for Rails, which are FREE open source solutions.