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If you need to rapidly integrate your .NET, Java or PHP services, data and media with a Flex, Flash, AJAX, Silverlight or JavaScript client, you’ve come to the right place. This page is designed to get you, the Developer, to the information you need – FAST!

WebORB for Java

WebORB for Java is a friendly alternative to Adobe BlazeDS/LiveCycle DS because it provides an easy-to-use environment for developing Flex, Flash, JavaScript and Silverlight clients which connect to Java objects, Spring Beans, EJBs, XML Web Services, native operating systems, and data. You can even do real-time messaging, media streaming and data management using WebORB for Java's out-of-the-box functionality. Give it a try for free. You'll love the difference.

WebORB for .NET

WebORB for .NET is our most full-featured product that will save you many hours of frustration when it comes to integrating Flex, Flash, AJAX (JavaScript) or Silverlight (yes, even Silverlight) clients with .NET objects, XML Web Services, native operating systems, data and rich media. It is packed with many developer-friendly tools and you can even use WebORB for .NET in the Azure Cloud. Give WebORB for .NET a try for free. It's the most versatile integration solution you will find.

WebORB for PHP

If your goal is to get your application to market faster using a free and open source software solution, WebORB for PHP is your product. It enables you to rapidly integrate Flex, Flash, AJAX (JavaScript) and Silverlight clients with PHP classes and data at the click of a button. Imagine the time savings! WebORB for PHP even lets you do data management for Flex applications and includes full CRUD capabilities. Give WebORB for PHP a try - its free.

Licensing Options

Development Mode

WebORB for .NET and WebORB for Java running in Development Mode are FREE. You can download as many copies as you have developers, but each copy is limited to 5 IP addresses.  Download Here>

Community Edition

WebORB for .NET and WebORB for Java Community Edition (WebORB CE) are FREE and ideal for development, testing or production use on a single server. Apply Here>

Enterprise Edition

WebORB for .NET and WebORB for Java Enterprise Edition (WebORB EE) are full-featured products ideal for applications that require clustering, load-balancing or failover operation. Enterprise Edition has four pricing models (End-User, OEM, Project and Cloud). Inquire Here>

Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

WebORB for PHP is FREE and Open Source. It is licensed under the Mozilla Public License. Download Here>

WebORB for Cloud

WebORB is being configured to run in the Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and Google AppEngine Clouds. (Commercially available for Azure now.) Cloud deployments have a different licensing model than premise deployments, because the resources used in the cloud are variable. Learn More>