Public classScopeConstants
Public classScopeUtils


Public interfaceIAttributeStore
Public interfaceIBandwidthConfigure
Public interfaceIBasicScope
Public interfaceICastingAttributeStore
Public interfaceIClient
Public interfaceIClientRegistry
Public interfaceIConnection
Public interfaceIContext
Public interfaceICoreObject
Public interfaceIFlowControllable
Public interfaceIGlobalScope
Public interfaceIMappingStrategy
Public interfaceIScope
Public interfaceIScopeAware
Public interfaceIScopeHandler
Public interfaceIScopeResolver
Public interfaceIScopeService
Base marker interface for all scope services. Used by the ScopeUtils to lookup services defined as beans in Spring.NET application context. A scope service usually can perform various tasks on a scope like managing shared objects, streams, etc.
Public interfaceIServer