ApplicationAdapter class serves as a base class for your WebORB messaging applications. It provides methods to work with SharedObjects and streams, as well as connections and scheduling services. ApplicationAdapter is an application level IScope. To handle streaming processes in your application you should implement IStreamAwareScopeHandler interface and implement handling methods. Application adapter provides you with useful event handlers that can be used to intercept streams, authorize users, etc. Also, all methods added in subclasses can be called from client side with method. Unlike to Flash Media server which requires you to keep methods on Client object at server side, WebORB offers much more convenient way to add methods for remote invocation to your applications.

Namespace: Weborb.Messaging.Server.Adapter
Assembly: weborb (in weborb.dll) Version: (



Consider the following example:
public ArrayList getListOfAvailableFLVs()<br />
{<br />
// Implementation goes here<br />
}<br />
This method added to ApplicationAdapter sublass can be called from client side with the following code:
var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();<br />
nc.connect(...);<br />"getListOfAvailableFLVs", resultHandler);<br />
If you want to build a server-side framework this is a place to start and wrap it around ApplicationAdapter subclass.

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