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Installing WebORB into existing ASP.NET application

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The product installer creates a WebORB ASP.NET application and virtual directory in IIS. The default installation requires no additional configuration - all features are enabled by default including management console and examples. WebORB recognizes all assemblies in the bin folder of the WebORB application and can process invocations on the classes in these assemblies.

To deploy WebORB into an existing ASP.NET application, follow the steps below:

1. Copy the following files/folders from the default Weborb installation directory to the corresponding folders in the target virtual directory:




  /bin/MySql.Data.dll - optional assembly, required only if using WebORB with MySQL

  /bin/Npgsql.dll - optional assembly, required only if using WebORB with PostgreSQL

  /bin/Mono.Security.dll - optional assembly - dependency of Npgsql.dll



  /weborb.js (required only for the AJAX clients)


* - files may vary based on the version of .NET used in the target virtual directory. See [WEBORB HOME]/weborbassets/weborbbuilds for other versions.

2. Add the following XML configuration to web.config in the target virtual directory:

If using IIS6:

     <add verb="*" path="weborb.aspx" type="Weborb.ORBHttpHandler"/>
     <add verb="*" path="codegen.aspx" type= "Weborb.Management.CodeGen.CodegeneratorHttpHandler"/>
     <add verb="*" path="dcd.aspx" type="Weborb.RDS.Handler.FrontEndHttpHandler"/>


If using IIS7:

     <add name="weborb.aspx_*" path="weborb.aspx" verb="*" type="Weborb.ORBHttpHandler"/>
     <add name="codegen.aspx_*" path="codegen.aspx" verb="*" type= "Weborb.Management.CodeGen.CodegeneratorHttpHandler"/>
     <add name="dcd.aspx_*" path="dcd.aspx" verb="*" type="Weborb.RDS.Handler.FrontEndHttpHandler"/>

3. (Optional) To deploy the console, example and code generator, copy the following folders (with all files and subdirectories) from [WEBORB HOME] to the the target directory:





4. (Optional) Create /logs folder as the place where WebORB stores its log files


5. Grant Write permission to the user account ASP.NET uses for the following files and directories:


  /weborb.config (required only if making configuration changes from the console)

  /logs (required only if logging is enabled)

  /weborbassets/codegen (required only if codegen is used in the console)


  /examples/databases/*.mdb (required only if writing data back on the server in some examples)

Additional steps may be required to configure logging and code generation features when deploying WebORB into another application. Generally the user account used by ASP.NET needs to have Write permission to the following files and folders:




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