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Communication Library for iOS

The Communication Library for iOS - is a reusable, native iOS library component enabling developers to quickly and easily connect the iOS applications with server-side technologies. Most of the enterprise and consumer mobile applications require client-server connectivity. The most trivial scenario is when the data is loaded from the server by the client, however, most modern applications call for more advanced integration. This includes instant or real-time data availability, data push and sophisticated, multi-user interaction. The library facilitates all of these scenarios. Using the communication library for iOS developers can easily accomplish the following tasks:


Integrate iPhone and iPad applications with existing server-side infrastructure which may be developed in Java,  .NET or server-side ActionScript.
Easily leverage server-side APIs and connect to them from the iOS devices.
Efficiently transfer data from the client application to services running in private data centers on in the cloud.
Implement real-time data push strategies and deliver real-time updates from Java, .NET or server-side ActionScript code to iOS devices.
Create multi-user applications where the data can be easily exchanged between multiple application instances.
Integrate mobile applications using the library with their browser or desktop-based counterparts. This makes it possible to enable users using the mobile application to interact in real-time with the users using the browser or desktop-based version of the same application.


The library provides significant advantages over the competing approaches:


The on-the-wire protocol implemented by the library is highly optimized and very efficient. This guarantees small payload for the messages which enables efficient communication not only over wi-fi, but also via the 3G networks.
No vendor lock-in. The library is built in a neutral way without tying the application to a particular server-side technology or vendor.
Intuitive, well-documented API.

Media Library for iOS

The Media Library for iOS is a native iOS library enabling video and audio streaming between the iOS applications and RTMP media servers. Applications can import the library and use the provided APIs to stream live video and audio over an RTMP (or RTMPS) connection to an RTMP media server for either recording or live broadcast.


The current version of the library supports the following:

Video and Audio streaming from iOS applications to RTMP media servers
Video and Audio recording from iOS applications to RTMP media servers
Audio Streaming from RTMP media servers to iOS applications