WebORB PDF Generator Examples

PDF Generator supports all major rich client technologies including Flex, Flash, Silverlight, AJAX as well as desktop-based applications (including Java and WPF). The examples below demonstrate PDF generation features for different client types. These examples are also included into the PDF Generator product distribution available for download.

Silverlight example
Flex examples
Flash example
AJAX example

Generate PDFs from Silverlight

PDF documents can be generated from Silverlight applications using server-side XML templates.  Templates provide information about layout and data sources.   A data source can be a reference to a method invocation or a URL.  Supported components and features include: PDF tables, images, lists, PDF Forms, embedding Flash content in PDF and many more.
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Generate PDFs from Flex

PDF documents can be generated from Flex applications using MXML components as templates.  A template can be created at the design time using Flex Builder or dynamically at the run-time using ActionScript and Flex component instances. The examples below demonstrate various features available for Flex clients:

DataGrid Binding

Flex templates can use the DataGrid component for placing tables in PDF documents. Tables can be data-bound to either data in the template itself or to an external data source expressed as a method invocation.
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PDF Forms

Creating a PDF with a submittable form is a simple task using Flex Builder and WebORB PDF Generator. Simply use TextInput and TextArea components in an MXML template and the generator does the rest.
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Charts in PDF

Charting components can be embedded into PDF documents without any special programming. A component can use either data embedded into the template itself or can be bound to a remote method invocation returning data to be rendered in the chart. WebORB PDF Generator takes a snapshot of the charting components in the template and renders them as images in the generated PDF.
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Flex Template Explorer

Flex templates can use a variety of components including images, lists, vertical and horizontal lines, textinput and textarea, datagrids and many more. The example below demonstrates several Flex-based templates and lets you generate PDF documents from them.
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Generate PDFs from Flash

Flash clients can use WebORB PDF generator to create feature-rich documents using server-side templates. Templates are XML files describing document layout as well as data sources. Server-side templates support the same functionality as the client-side, Flex-based templates.
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Generate PDFs using AJAX

WebORB PDF generator supports PDF document generation for AJAX clients. AJAX applications can use the server-side XML templates to create feature-rich documents. PDF Generator is exposed as a remoting service which can be accessed using WebORB Rich Client JavaScript library.
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