Key Features

  • Supports custom templates WebORB PDF Generator supports several approaches for template creation and editing. A template can be defined on the server as an XML document. Alternatively, Flex developers can create templates using Flex Builder. Future releases of the WebORB PDF Generator will support Visual Studio-based template editing.
  • WYSIWYG template design - when creating templates in FlexBuilder, developers use the standard Flex components as well as custom PDF Generator rendering options to define the layout and the look and feel of the PDF document created from the template.
  • Support for PDF Forms forms consist of PDF components which are standardized for general purpose use.
  • Embedded Flash/Flex content interactive content, such as a chat window or streaming media can be displayed within a PDF template to unlock many opportunities for special purpose interactive PDF applications. 
  • Custom rendering- provides maximum flexibility for achieving completely custom design for the generated documents.
  • Supports multiple data binding methodologies - data binding is the process of linking data from various data sources to documents created by the PDF Generator.  In this case, templates define the data sources for the components used in the template.  The data sources may include local application logic as well as web-based URLs. WebORB PDF Generator supports data binding through invocation, image data supplied via URL and custom rendering of table content.