WebORB PDF Generator

Generating documents, reports and document-based forms is a very common task for web application users.  RIAs are not an exception as users and business workflows require capturing data contained within RIAs to produce usable documents for offline use, such as archiving or further business processing. WebORB PDF Generator is both an SDK and runtime solution that installs as an extension into WebORB for Java, .NET, and soon PHP Enterprise and Community Edition servers, enabling both client and server applications to create template-based PDF documents.  Templates can be created either on the server as XML files or originate on the client as Flex components.  Templates include information about document layout, graphics and data sources for operational data.

Getting Started
Key Benefits

WebORB PDF Generator requires WebORB Server installation (either Community or Enterprise Edition).  The installer adds the WebORB PDF Generator engine, examples and product documentation into the WebORB Management Console.

The evaluation edition allows developers to test all the functionality the product provides including generating 1-2 page PDF documents. Licensed installations of the product remove the watermark and 2 page limit.

WebORB PDF Generator Developers guide includes quick start guides for each supported client type. It is a good place to start familiarizing with the product:

Getting Started Guides:
Silverlight and PDF Generator(.NET, Java)
Flex and PDF Generator (.NET, Java)
Flash and PDF Generator (.NET, Java)
AJAX and PDF Generator (.NET, Java)

  • Ease of template development  developers can use the development environment they are already familiar with to create customized templates.  For instance, Flex developers can use Flex Builder for visual template editing.  Future releases of the product will support Visual Studio-based template authoring.
  • Advanced workflow support  advanced features such as PDF forms and embedded Flash/Flex content can streamline business workflow and improve user interaction with the generated PDF documents.
  • Centralized Administration  WebORB PDF Generator requires no client-side installations, which makes it fast and easy to provide PDF generation capabilities to networked users.  
  • Reduced cost to develop and deploy  ease of installation, WYSIWIG template editing, non-intrusive data-binding and server-side PDF generation make it possible to provide the benefits of PDF template design and PDF generation at a low cost per server.  Server-side deployment means there are no client fees, putting enterprise PDF Generation in reach for any size organization.