Analytics Made Simple

Midnight Coders RIA Analytics platform provides a comprehensive suite of technologies enabling businesses to monitor, visualize, analyze and optimize Rich Internet Applications. The system supports visual data mining of the data extracted and aggregated from the user activity and interactions with the application. Processed information is visualized through an intuitive management console that supports creating custom dashboards. 

RIA Analytics consists of the following tools and components:

  • Rich Analytics Information Portal – provides an overview of the system health. Displays a list of alerts, Key performance indicator (KPI) summary and easy access to the generated reports and designed dashboards.
  • KPI Manager– a highly intuitive tool for creating and editing KPIs. A KPI can be established based on the data acquired from the application’s runtime operation, data from the database or by tapping into the backend services infrastructure. Additional functionality includes definition of the rules and alerts for KPIs.
  • KPI Monitor – a tool enabling real-time monitoring of the KPIs defined in the KPI manager. Information includes current and historical readings, trend, data visualization and history of alarms.
  • Dashboard Editor and Viewer – Rich Analytics dashboards enable real-time data visualization through custom interfaces which can be developed without any knowledge about computer programming. Dashboards support an extensible set of data visualization widgets which can be attached to the KPIs defined in the KPI Manager or user-defined datasets. A dashboard can be easily exported as a self-contained application or published online for shared (optionally password-protected) access.
  • Report Editor and Generator – any information gathered through the Rich Analytics platform can be exported through custom reports. Report Editor is an online tool for defining report structure and content. The content may include query results, charts and user images.
  • Rules Engine – enables business rules, alarms and triggers to be associated with KPIs. Rich Analytics rules engine is built on top of the JBoss’ Drools project and leverages all the features from the underlying framework.
  • Data Collection Agents (DCA) – The Rich Analytics platform can obtain and process data from multiple data sources including WebORB integration servers, remoting gateways, portal servers, Java or .NET application servers. Each data source type can communicate with the Rich Analytics system using special program called data collection agent (DCA). Agents efficiently collect data and route it to the Rich Analytics server for further processing and analysis.
  • Rich Client DCA – In addition to the server-side DCAs, the Rich Analytics platform supports rich clients as the source of data. Using the Rich Client DCA client applications built with Flex, Flash, Silverlight or AJAX can report user behavior tracking data as well as information on how users advance through the application back to the Rich Analytics server for further processing and analysis.

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