RIA Quality Assurance

The architectural complexity of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) call for special approaches in running tests and achieving quality assurance. Thorough testing of applications that have multiple user types and navigational patterns is a task in itself.  Add to it a need for testing at the protocol level for applications that leverage AMF and RTMP and you have a challenge that older testing solutions just don't handle that well.  RIA AppPuncher is designed to support all your RIA testing needs.

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Introducing RIA AppPuncher™

RIA AppPuncher™ is a software testing and debugging product. AppPuncher was designed from the ground up to facilitate testing of the Rich Internet Applications. The product provides the following functionality:

AppPuncher supports Flash, Flex, Silverlight, AJAX clients as well as traditional browser-based applications. From the client/server protocol perspective, the product enables testing of the client/server applications using any of the following protocols: HTTP, SOAP, REST/XML, AMF and RTMP. AppPuncher runs on Windows, MAC OS X and *nix platforms.

Client/server communication debugging

Communication debugging consists of the following features:

  • Visualization – AppPuncher displays client/server traffic to detect application faults, invalid requests and responses

  • Evaluation – User can evaluate application behavior (responses) using custom, user-defined values in requests. Any captured request can be replayed with custom data entered by the user in order to inspect application’s response. For example, a SOAP or AMF method invocation can be modified to contain user-defined value for a method argument.

  • Pause Conditions – AppPuncher can be configured to pause application execution when a user-defined condition evaluates to true.

Functional Testing

AppPuncher supports chaining of the requests where output of an invocation can be used as input for another one. Using this approach it is possible to achieve a high level of functionality coverage. Additionally, AppPuncher can execute functional testing by applying high load scenarios.

Regression Testing

AppPuncher can capture messages between an RIA client and the server backend application. Captured messages are in the form of issued requests and the corresponding responses. Messages can be grouped to represent user activity in a particular role and then saved as a repeatable test-case. A test-case can be run at any point of time to make sure the server returns the same responses as during the original execution. Additionally, user can create a schedule for automated test case execution. At the end of the test case execution, AppPuncher creates a summary report which can be delivered via email.

Load Testing

Before an RIA is released into production, it is very important to understand the limits of the solution when it serves multiple users. Creating a real-world simulation with a high number of concurrent clients using the RIA can be a challenging task. AppPuncher provides a solution for creating and running stress tests for RIAs. The product supports several scenarios for conducting stress tests. It can be configured to increase the load until there is a server failure, alternatively it allows completely custom execution stress test configurations - test administrator can create a chart representing the number of concurrent users at any point of time. Similar to the regression testing, AppPuncher generates a report for every stress test execution.





Client-server debugging
AMF0 protocol support
AMF3 protocol support
Payload content substitution
RTMP, RTMPT protocol support    
Play and record
Invocation chaining - functional testing  
Regression testing    
Test ScenarioBuilder
HTTP/HTTPS*-based multi-profile testing  
RTMP-based multi-profile testing    
Video streaming load testing    
RSO load testing    
Data push load testing    
Scheduled tests  
Test reporting
Performance monitoring     add-on
Service coverage testing     add-on
Exporting tests as scripts (junit, nunit, asunit)     add-on
Test repository, centralized test coordination    
Cloud-based testing     www.cloudpuncher.com
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