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How to Configure Flex Builder to work with WebORB for Java

This article will guide you through the process of creating and running a remoting-enabled Flex application using Flex Builder. At the end of the walkthrough you will have a Flex application communicating with a Java object exposed through WebORB.

Run Flex Builder 3 and select File -> New -> Flex Project.  The dialog window shown below will appear. Enter "SampleFlexToJavaProject" as the project name. Make sure to select "J2EE" as the Application server type. Make other selections as shown below and click "Next >".

The next step is very important as it establishes the configuration paths. Clear the checkbox and enter the path for the folder containing the WebORB installation into the "Root folder" text field. This walkthrough assumes the product is installed in the /weborb directory, as a result when running WebORB standalone, the "Root folder" must contain "c:\weborb\webapp" as shown in the image below.

The "Root URL" text field must contain a URL to the WebORB servlet. The URL in the standalone mode is localhost/weborb/ (the trailing slash is important):

Click "Finish" to continue. Flex Builder creates a default (blank) Flex application. Flex Builder may report the following error: "Server SDK: Directory does not contain a Flex SDK":

To correct the error open the project properties window (right click the project node and select Properties). Select "Flex Compiler" and change the "Flex SDK version" to either "Use default SDK" or "Use a specific SDK" as shown in the image below:

Click Apply, then OK to close the window. 

Happy coding!