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Deploying WebORB into GlassFish

When hosted in GlassFish, WebORB plugs in as a servlet packaged in a J2EE web application. Follow the steps below to install WebORB into GlassFish:

  1. Copy weborb.war to a domain's autodeploy directory: <GLASSFISH-HOME>/domains/domain1/autodeploy
  2. When you start GlassFish, the server deploys the application and creates a file named weborb.war_deployed in the autodeploy folder. Once deployed, WebORB management console is available at the following URL (auto-deployment may take a few minutes to complete):

    <glassfish hostname>:8080/weborb

You can verify that WebORB is deployed into GlassFish, by opening the GlassFish Administration console at http://localhost:4848 and navigating to Applications/Web Applications/weborb as shown in the image below: