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WebORB for Java Licensing

We offer several licensing options (End-User, Project, OEM and Cloud) to make it easy and cost effective for companies like yours to use WebORB.   The following describes how WebORB’s modes of operation are designed to keep licensing costs low.

Development Mode

WebORB running in Development Mode is FREE and does not require a license key.  You can download as many copies as you have developers, but this mode limits connections to 5 IP addresses.

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Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is the ideal solution for applications that must scale beyond a single server.  Typically these are deployments which require load balancing, failover or server farm clustering.  Enterprise Edition requires a license key for the number of servers (including processors) that will need to run WebORB.  Enterprise Edition is backed with Commercial Support.

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Project Licensing

Project licenses are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and are great for companies that will deploy on multiple servers for a single application. 

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OEM Licensing

OEM licenses are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and are ideal for companies that will need to distribute their application to multiple end-users through shrink-wrap software, embedded solutions or volume hosting.

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