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WebORB for Java Release History

WebORB for Java is a solid integration solution, backed by a dedicated U.S.-based commercial company that has invested in the creation and on-going development of its WebORB products since 2003.  The following information describes the various updates, bug fixes, patches and new functionality provided with each new release.

Please visit the Midnight Coders Bug Tracking System to learn more about any new functionality or the issues currently being raised and addressed by members of our community and development team. 

2012 Release History

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WebORB - 06.15.12

  •  Clustering. WebORB for Java instances can form dynamic clusters which appear as a single WebORB node to the clients. Clustering is available messaging, data management, RTMP and remoting subsystems of the products:
    • Messaging: for publish/subscribe messaging applications clustering enables message propagation through all nodes of the cluster. Clients can subscribe to any node and will receive messages published through any other node.
    • Data Management: Clustered instances of WebORB support client synchronization for data management clients (Flex/AIR/JavaScript). Client applications using WebORB Data Management can create/update/delete database records and other instances of the application will receive synchronization updates regardless  of the node they are connected to.
    • RTMP: Remote Shared Objects are automatically synchronized across the WebORB cluster.
    • Remoting: WebORB introduces support for cluster-wide singletons. A remoting objects enabled for cluster-wide synchronization will maintain its state between remoting invocations regardless of the node handling the invocations.
  • Ant task for WebORB Data Management code generation
  • Ant task for remoting code generation
  • Heroku Integration. WebORB can be deployed into Heroku where it provides remoting and messaging features. WebORB for Heroku is available with cloud-based pricing.
  • Pub/Sub Message Filtering. WebORB subscribers can use SQL-like queries when subscribing to a destination to receive only messages satisfying the query.
  • ZeroMQ Integration. WebORB messaging (publish/subscribe) destinations can be configured to publish/retrieve messages to/from ZeroMQ sockets.
  • RabbitMQ Integration. WebORB publish/subscribe system can now be integrated with RabbitMQ messaging broker. WebORB relays messages published by WebORB clients to a RabbitMQ exchange or queue and likewise, messages retrieved from RabbitMQ are delivered to WebORB subscribers.

Below is a complete export from the bug tracking system:


  • [WOJAVA-88] - WebORB can't invoke proxied services with generics
  • [WOJAVA-207] - Make sure Visual Studio templates for SL development are included into WebORB installer
  • [WOJAVA-244] - ActionScript datamodel client project warnings
  • [WOJAVA-271] - Silverlight examples with no visualization
  • [WOJAVA-273] - Unable to find method with name setEmployee in class weborb.examples.invocationtests.ComplexTypesTest
  • [WOJAVA-275] - Null object reference at the flex remoting Datagrid with remote xml source example
  • [WOJAVA-276] - Flex examples with no visualization / broken code links
  • [WOJAVA-278] - Flash example with no visualization / broken code links
  • [WOJAVA-292] - Javascript datamodel client malfunction under Tomcat
  • [WOJAVA-321] - clientaccesspolicy.xml should be added to the WOJAVA installer and war packages
  • [WOJAVA-322] - Jetty error while enabling messaging applications features under tomcat
  • [WOJAVA-345] - Identical methods at the Database test
  • [WOJAVA-352] - Only first string sends at the messaging destination test drive
  • [WOJAVA-357] - Wrong reaction if security window closed without entering credentials
  • [WOJAVA-364] - Ajax Data binding - Phone book exception under tomcat and cloud
  • [WOJAVA-375] - Wrong codegeneration for mobile air application
  • [WOJAVA-399] - Exception during loadtest
  • [WOJAVA-400] - Ajax example error from IE
  • [WOJAVA-404] - Do not generate code in WebORB for Java 4.5 for postgres database,
  • [WOJAVA-430] - Microsoft 'char' type recognizes wrong as an argument
  • [WOJAVA-432] - Inherited fields should display as arguments at the console
  • [WOJAVA-438] - Wrong primitive type arguments for generic at the codegened C# project
  • [WOJAVA-445] - Reference error for codegened WIndows Phone Messaging project
  • [WOJAVA-446] - Silverlight remote examples doesn't open
  • [WOJAVA-455] - Cannot view stored procedure infos
  • [WOJAVA-457] - Missing example browse code link
  • [WOJAVA-458] - "WebORB Data Management for Flex - Data Deletion" example doesn't work
  • [WOJAVA-459] - Flex examples -> Data Management -> Data Search and Retrieval (remote) and Chunked Data Retrieval (remote) break flash player
  • [WOJAVA-461] - JS wdm model client gives "Unable to inspect service Weborb.Data.Management.DataServiceClientRegistry" exception under Tomcat
  • [WOJAVA-465] - Wrong flex codegeneration under Jboss
  • [WOJAVA-467] - Wrong WebSocket port
  • [WOJAVA-468] - Ajax codegened project should duplicate inherited fields and properties
  • [WOJAVA-471] - Applying restrictions in console results in error
  • [WOJAVA-475] - WOJAVA doesn't start on Linux
  • [WOJAVA-493] - Cannot invoke method with string array in parameters
  • [WOJAVA-495] - masked cluster node with asterisk is not processed
  • [WOJAVA-496] - Node resolution logic should check for valid IP address ranges
  • [WOJAVA-497] - Invalid processing of cluster definition
  • [WOJAVA-498] - Misunderstood message at the subscribing in a cluster
  • [WOJAVA-499] - 'Cluster monitor' tab at the console is malfunction
  • [WOJAVA-500] - WOGEN ant task should not print everything from the main weborb log
  • [WOJAVA-505] - Replicate messaging subscriptions in cluster
  • [WOJAVA-506] - The second handler does not subscribe from Java Client
  • [WOJAVA-507] - Wrong code generation for AJAX using ANT script.
  • [WOJAVA-508] - Wrong code generation for Swiz
  • [WOJAVA-509] - Wrong code generation for Robotlegs
  • [WOJAVA-510] - Wrong code generation for PureMVC
  • [WOJAVA-511] - Wrong code generation for Mate
  • [WOJAVA-512] - Wrong code generation for Flex
  • [WOJAVA-513] - Wrong code generation for the Silverlight(C#) PersonService project for VS2010 generated from the console.
  • [WOJAVA-514] - Wrong code generation for the Silverlight(C#) PersonService project for WindowsPhone generated from the console.
  • [WOJAVA-516] - Flex project generated by WDMF references wrong file
  • [WOJAVA-517] - Wrong code generation for PureMVC
  • [WOJAVA-518] - Wrong code generation for FlashComm/FMS2
  • [WOJAVA-519] - Code generation is not work for Mate and Swiz methods from console.
  • [WOJAVA-522] - Wrong work of the security with restriction type "IP Range" at the closed mode.
  • [WOJAVA-523] - Remove resubscribe method and subscribers hashtable from WeborbClient
  • [WOJAVA-525] - Wrong code generation for Flex and its frameworks(Mate, Swiz, Robotlegs, PureMVC) by ANT script.
  • [WOJAVA-526] - Wrong code generation for the Silverlight( C#) PersonService project for VS2010 by ANT script.
  • [WOJAVA-527] - Wrong code generation for the Silverlight( C#) PersonService project for WindowsPhone by ANT script.
  • [WOJAVA-528] - Console allows to enter data with type "string" in fields with type "int" , "number".
  • [WOJAVA-530] - Wrong build data models with alias of tables or table columns which were changed.
  • [WOJAVA-531] - Wrong code generation for Flex by ANT script with enabled RTMP
  • [WOJAVA-532] - Wrong code generation for AJAX using ANT script (not all methods are shown in the list "Select a method to invoke") for PersonService
  • [WOJAVA-534] - Wrong build the project of data models for the server type "MySQL" and the database "foodanddrinks" (client language "ActionScript 3" ; with generate Test Drive).
  • [WOJAVA-535] - WDM JavaScript client doesn't work in IE-browser with enabled WebSockets on the server
  • [WOJAVA-537] - Wrong switching between the tables
  • [WOJAVA-538] - Semantic error on the home page of the "JavaScript" client of a data model
  • [WOJAVA-539] - After clicking on the button "foodanddrinks" tables are not displayed
  • [WOJAVA-540] - Records are not added or deleted or changed in the table synchronously for all running "JavaScript" clients of the same data model
  • [WOJAVA-541] - The "JavaScript" client of a data model with the database "foodanddrinks"(MySQL) doesn't run with disabled sockets in Opera
  • [WOJAVA-543] - Error in the word "pege"
  • [WOJAVA-545] - Wrong work of the button "Refresh" for the "JavaScript" client of a data model with the database "foodanddrinks"(MySQL)
  • [WOJAVA-550] - Wrong code generation for Flex by ANT script
  • [WOJAVA-551] - Wrong work the "ActionScript 3" client project of a data model with the database MySQL("sakila") with generate Test Drive.
  • [WOJAVA-552] - Wrong work the "JavaScript" client project of a data model with the database MySQL("sakila")
  • [WOJAVA-553] - Wrong build the project of data models for the server type "MySQL" and the database "eidolon" (client language "ActionScript 3" ; with generate Test Drive)
  • [WOJAVA-554] - Wrong work the AIR-client project of a data model with the database MySQL("foodanddrinks")
  • [WOJAVA-555] - Server error while running WDM client of a data model with the database MSSQL("FoodAndDrinks")
  • [WOJAVA-556] - There isn't check on the type of input data in the "ActionScript 3" client of a data model with the database MSSQL("ProActivity")
  • [WOJAVA-557] - Wrong code generation for the "ActionScript 3" client of a data model with the database MSSQL("ProActivity")
  • [WOJAVA-558] - Wrong code generation for the AIR-client of a data model with the database MSSQL("ProActivity")
  • [WOJAVA-559] - The records aren't added in to table for the AIR-client of a data model with the database MSSQL("ProActivity")
  • [WOJAVA-560] - Wrong build for the "ActionScript 3" client of a data model with the database MSSQL("ProActivity") without Test Drive
  • [WOJAVA-561] - The "JavaScript" client of a data model with the database MSSQL doesn't run with enabled sockets in IE-browser
  • [WOJAVA-562] - The "JavaScript" client of a data model with the database MSSQL doesn't run in Opera-browser
  • [WOJAVA-563] - Incorrect syntax for the "JavaScript" client" (database MSSQL"FoodAndDrinks")
  • [WOJAVA-564] - Error adding and saving records in the table for the "JavaScript" client (the database MSSQL "AdventureWorks")
  • [WOJAVA-565] - Error downloading a table for the "JavaScript" client (the database MSSQL "AdventureWorks") for "Test Drive with EditableGrid" or "Test Drive with Sencha ExtJs"
  • [WOJAVA-566] - Wrong switching between the tables of the "JavaScript" client of a data model with the database MSSQL
  • [WOJAVA-567] - The list of tables does not appear again when we click on button "dbo"
  • [WOJAVA-568] - Records are not added in the table synchronously for all running "JavaScript" clients of a data model with the database MSSQL
  • [WOJAVA-569] - Message about an absence of bases would be appears
  • [WOJAVA-570] - Records are not added (or deleted, changed) in the table synchronously for all running "JavaScript" clients of a data model with the database PostgresSQL
  • [WOJAVA-571] - The page is opened instead of the page with documentation for additional instructions
  • [WOJAVA-572] - Wrong code generation for Flex and its frameworks (Mate, PureMVC, Robotlegs, Swiz) with RTMP
  • [WOJAVA-573] - Wrong code generation for the Java Android PersonService project generated from the console
  • [WOJAVA-574] - Records of tables are not loaded for the "ActionScript 3" client project of a data model with the database MySQL("sakila")
  • [WOJAVA-575] - Video broadcast stops
  • [WOJAVA-576] - Error when uploading the file: "HTTP Status: 404"
  • [WOJAVA-577] - The video doesn't play in the console
  • [WOJAVA-579] - A name, type and value of a shared object are not displayed in the console
  • [WOJAVA-580] - The shared objects are not displayed in the console
  • [WOJAVA-581] - All shared objects are not displayed
  • [WOJAVA-583] - Wrong code generation for Flex and its frameworks (Mate, PureMVC, Robotlegs, Swiz) with RTMP
  • [WOJAVA-584] - The unsubscribing of the clients is wrong
  • [WOJAVA-585] - WebORB works wrong with shared objects
  • [WOJAVA-586] - Wrong code generation for the Flex and its frameworks in Test Drive panel
  • [WOJAVA-587] - Wrong invoking methods for Java Script (Person Service)
  • [WOJAVA-588] - Wrong code generation for the Windows Phone in the Test Drive panel
  • [WOJAVA-589] - Wrong invoking methods for the Java Android project(Person Service)
  • [WOJAVA-590] - SQL parser. Some operators are not supported
  • [WOJAVA-591] - A button "Connect" is absent in a Mobile AIR Application
  • [WOJAVA-592] - The feature "Enable RTMPT Tunneling" is not added to client application
  • [WOJAVA-594] - Wrong license file link under tomcat
  • [WOJAVA-595] - The loaded example "Basic RPC invocation" does not work
  • [WOJAVA-596] - The "Sending and receiving complex types" example does not build
  • [WOJAVA-597] - Examples are not loaded in console
  • [WOJAVA-599] - All examples, that are on (the second part), are not available
  • [WOJAVA-600] - HTTP ERROR:404 in the tab "FAQ"
  • [WOJAVA-604] - The AIR-client of a data model with the database MSSQL("ProActivity") runs with errors
  • [WOJAVA-606] - WARN IoHandler - Exception caught java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  • [WOJAVA-607] - Flex Remoting Invocation Test Suite has problem with Secure invocation Test; Login and Password Checking could contain wrong default user / password
  • [WOJAVA-608] - The PersonService Swiz project for SDK3.6 doesn't build
  • [WOJAVA-609] - Wrong invoking methods for Java Script (Person Service) in WebSphere(or JBoss, or GlassFish)
  • [WOJAVA-611] - Server error: Unable to adapt parameter to a method argument type, unable to adapt string to class java.util.Hashtable
  • [WOJAVA-612] - Security works wrong for restriction type- role or restriction type- single ip
  • [WOJAVA-613] - WOJAVA to WebSphere can not connect to Messaging Server
  • [WOJAVA-614] - Publishing a message from RabbitMQ console causes an eternal loop in weborb
  • [WOJAVA-615] - Microsoft 'char' type recognizes wrong as an argument
  • [WOJAVA-616] - Microsoft 'byte' type recognizes wrong as an argument
  • [WOJAVA-618] - The Java Client doesn't receive the message (responseHandler of Java client works wrong)
  • [WOJAVA-620] - Security works wrong for deny by restriction type- single ip
  • [WOJAVA-621] - Unknown types wrong display at the JavaScript codegened project
  • [WOJAVA-623] - Wrong work WDMF without rtmp
  • [WOJAVA-624] - Login and Password Checking could contain wrong default user / password and secure invocation doesn't work
  • [WOJAVA-625] - An error in your SQL syntax in the "JavaScript" client of a data model with the database "foodanddrinks" (MySQL)
  • [WOJAVA-627] - Wrong build of a "MSSQL" data model for "AdwentureWorks" in Tomcat7
  • [WOJAVA-628] - Records are not downloaded in tables for the data models for the server type "MySQL" and the database "AdwentureWorks" (client language "ActionScript 3" )
  • [WOJAVA-629] - Wrong work of selectors for "RabbitMQPollingDestination"
  • [WOJAVA-630] - Unknown destination ZMQRTMPDestination. Cannot handle subscription request
  • [WOJAVA-631] - Applications are not removed from the console
  • [WOJAVA-632] - A copy of a destination isn't created in console
  • [WOJAVA-634] - Wrong invoking method for "VS2010"
  • [WOJAVA-635] - A data model doesn't create in WebORB for Amazon



  • [WOJAVA-208] - Console configuration DataGridViews should add scrollbar automatically
  • [WOJAVA-261] - No truncation if number of pages exceeds 11 at the javascript datamodel client
  • [WOJAVA-487] - Redirect hazelcast logging through WebORB's CLUSTERING logging category
  • [WOJAVA-515] - ZeroMQ cleanup
  • [WOJAVA-529] - Weborb Client should make remote invocation through RTMP
  • [WOJAVA-533] - Code generation ant task should accept WebORB url as an argument
  • [WOJAVA-546] - Add a pop-up (a help text) for button "Refresh"
  • [WOJAVA-548] - Port validation of data model from Console to serverside
  • [WOJAVA-593] - Delete a "Flash Messaging" code format for destinations from the tab "Code Generation" in the "Messaging Server"
  • [WOJAVA-617] - Add Hazelcast to "WebORB for Java Core Installation" installation pack in IzPack.

New Feature

  • [WOJAVA-328] - Android client should support authentication
  • [WOJAVA-378] - Need Mobile Flex app for destination code generation
  • [WOJAVA-388] - Need AIR app for destination code generation
  • [WOJAVA-476] - ZeroMQ Integration
  • [WOJAVA-477] - RabbitMQ Integration
  • [WOJAVA-478] - Ant task for remoting code generation
  • [WOJAVA-479] - ant task for WDM code generation
  • [WOJAVA-480] - ant task for remote method invocation
  • [WOJAVA-481] - Clustering for pub-sub messaging
  • [WOJAVA-482] - Dynamic destination replication in a cluster
  • [WOJAVA-483] - Clustered Remote Shared Objects
  • [WOJAVA-484] - Clustering for WebORB Data Management
  • [WOJAVA-504] - Dynamic destinations in cluster
  • [WOJAVA-520] - Create Sencha ExtJS codegen for WDMF

2011 Release History

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WebORB 4.3 - 08.15.11

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • [WOJAVA-89] - wrong column index in object retrieval
  • [WOJAVA-163] - adding a views into the data model
  • [WOJAVA-185] - Loading related elements
  • [WOJAVA-192] - WebServices handler should support service inspection for AJAX clients
  • [WOJAVA-193] - WebORB crashes when DB service is not available
  • [WOJAVA-205] - WDMF client should cache RemoteObject instance
  • [WOJAVA-217] - Console doesn't load compression algorithm on initialize load
  • [WOJAVA-224] - Wrong services display at the WOJAVA console
  • [WOJAVA-232] - "Personbean" (??) error for spring beans / personbean service
  • [WOJAVA-242] - Swiz codogeneration malfunction
  • [WOJAVA-247] - Messaging server destinations test drive malfunction
  • [WOJAVA-248] - NullPointerException while switching from application to destination with opened code generator tab at the messaging server
  • [WOJAVA-250] - Compression algorithm doesn`t save at the server configuration
  • [WOJAVA-251] - Console doesn`t check for wrong code generator xslt file at the server configuration
  • [WOJAVA-252] - Creation of applications and destinations at the messaging server doesn`t work
  • [WOJAVA-253] - Argument value doesn`t clean after changing method at the services test drive
  • [WOJAVA-254] - Test invocation methods, which give exceptions
  • [WOJAVA-255] - Javascript datamodel client doesn`t parse defaultRemotingURL if opened from the filesystem
  • [WOJAVA-257] - Javascript WDM client shouldn`t show table`s primary keys in the Create record form
  • [WOJAVA-258] - Unparseable date exception for empty date value at the javascript datamodel client
  • [WOJAVA-260] - Unclear input type for date values at the javascript datamodel client
  • [WOJAVA-262] - Javascript datamodel client doesn`t synchronize records for previously opened pages
  • [WOJAVA-263] - Javascript datamodel client doesn`t check values which must be not null on adding records
  • [WOJAVA-264] - Console denied security role doesn`t delete if added more then one
  • [WOJAVA-265] - Security roles doesn`t save at the console
  • [WOJAVA-266] - Missing import for facade class at the pureMVC code generation
  • [WOJAVA-267] - Missing startUp function at the PureMVC code generation
  • [WOJAVA-268] - Flex SDK version shouldn`t be specified at the messaging application coder generation
  • [WOJAVA-269] - Wrong image link at the Help / resources -> examples title screen
  • [WOJAVA-270] - Messaging server applications code generation malfunction
  • [WOJAVA-272] - Any credentials are passing authentication at the Flex Remoting (AMF3) Secure invocation with credentials example
  • [WOJAVA-274] - Secure invocation test failure at the flex remoting examples
  • [WOJAVA-277] - Type Coercion failed at the WebORB chat example
  • [WOJAVA-279] - Unable to find class at the AJAX example
  • [WOJAVA-280] - Unavailable pages at the Ajax examples
  • [WOJAVA-281] - Javascript datamodel client doesn`t notify if access to the model was denied
  • [WOJAVA-282] - java.lang.ClassCastException on GAE cloud deployment
  • [WOJAVA-284] - NetConnection.Call.Failed error if clicking download button before code structure and preview loads at the services atb
  • [WOJAVA-285] - Wrong flex project settings if codegened from cloud
  • [WOJAVA-286] - Java Android Eclipse project codegened from services missing reference
  • [WOJAVA-287] - Wrong Java Android codgen from GAE
  • [WOJAVA-288] - Typo at the Amazon EC2 deployment section
  • [WOJAVA-291] - Ajax codegen for Services error.
  • [WOJAVA-293] - Actionscript datamodel client wrong references under Tomcat
  • [WOJAVA-294] - Silverlight C# project codegened under Tomcat doesn`t work
  • [WOJAVA-295] - Flex messaging client malfunction
  • [WOJAVA-296] - Android messaging client wrong display
  • [WOJAVA-298] - Wrong references path for code generation under Tomcat
  • [WOJAVA-305] - Wrong console notification, if there is insufficients funds on Subscribe ID
  • [WOJAVA-317] - "Only allowed from 5 ip adresses" error at the ajax examples
  • [WOJAVA-319] - Unhandled AsyncErrorEvent for the codegened messaging application
  • [WOJAVA-324] - echoNullableInt should return "Null"
  • [WOJAVA-330] - Wrong applications adding/deleting at the messaging server
  • [WOJAVA-331] - Missunderstood strings are added for some arrays
  • [WOJAVA-338] - ActionScript definition class doesn`t create with codegened project for Employee type
  • [WOJAVA-342] - Wrong reference for weborb-services-config.xml at the flex wdm code generation
  • [WOJAVA-343] - weborb.swc which is codegened with the flex wdm project doesn`t understood for flex ide
  • [WOJAVA-344] - Wrong code generation for javascript wdm
  • [WOJAVA-346] - Index out of range error on clicking "frequently asked questions" at the console
  • [WOJAVA-348] - "Processing instructions are not allowed within SOAP messages" at the web service invocation
  • [WOJAVA-354] - Flex sample rtmp destination malfunction
  • [WOJAVA-359] - An exception at the console home screen on clicking any of the messaging server elements
  • [WOJAVA-360] - Wrong flex codegeneration for Weborb.Util
  • [WOJAVA-361] - Wrong weborb.util codegenration for Swiz
  • [WOJAVA-366] - Java android client doesn`t accept any argument to echoChar
  • [WOJAVA-367] - Wrong default java android connection string under tomcat
  • [WOJAVA-371] - Wrong database adding at the wdm for not loaded model
  • [WOJAVA-372] - Wrong content for java android throwException method
  • [WOJAVA-373] - Java messaging client skips messages
  • [WOJAVA-380] - Wrong weborb custom classes dependencies pathes generation at the swiz codegen


  • [WOJAVA-177] - The ability to edit the parameters in ServiceBrowsers, without reference to a particular one key.
  • [WOJAVA-201] - Add support for Offline mode in WDMF
  • [WOJAVA-216] - Add ability to add JARs for JAR Exclusion
  • [WOJAVA-337] - Add ability to override automatic commit
  • [WOJAVA-347] - Change background color at the examples view
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WebORB 4.1 - 03.29.11

The following new features have been added to v.4.1:

  • Android integration (remoting and messaging)
  • Windows Phone 7 integration
  • Moonlight integration
  • Grails integration
  • Google AppEngine integration
  • Hibernate integration

2010 Release History

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WebORB 4.0.2 - 09.08.10

This is a maintenance release that includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Support for deployments in IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic;
  • Added support of ActionScript code generation for Java enums used in Spring beans;
  • Fixed a problem with data validation in data model creation wizard (WDMF);
  • Transfered all hard coded WDMF column to type mappings from code to the config file;
  • Fixed a problem with configuring date/time and thread name logging;
  • Fixed a problem with serialization of Number (primitive wrapper) types initialized to null. WebORB serializes these objects as NaN values.
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WebORB 4.0.1 - 09.01.10

Added the ability to deploy WebORB into JBoss version 5.1.

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WebORB 4.0 - 08.30.10

This is a major point release which addresses the following new features, enhancements and bug fixes.  A ticket is assigned to each entry below.  These are resolved issues that are logged in our JIRA Bug Tracking System.  

New Features

  • [WOJAVA-57] - Server-side message delivery for polling
  • [WOJAVA-71] - Compiling client side generated sources for WDMF
  • [WOJAVA-78] - Ant script for generating production-jars
  • [WOJAVA-91] - Duplicate all the tickets from WebORB for .Net 34-39
  • [WOJAVA-92] - Code generation framework
  • [WOJAVA-94] - Code generator for the Swiz framework
  • [WOJAVA-95] - Update cairngorm code generator to conform to the latest release
  • [WOJAVA-96] - PureMVC code generator must be updated
  • [WOJAVA-97] - Code generator for the Flash
  • [WOJAVA-98] - Generate project files as a part of code generator
  • [WOJAVA-99] - Flash Builder integration
  • [WOJAVA-103] - Implement comet-based data push
  • [WOJAVA-108] - Improved Logging tab
  • [WOJAVA-110] - Duplicate WebServiceBrowser from WebORB for .NET
  • [WOJAVA-111] - Need to create installer for Flash Builder plugin
  • [WOJAVA-137] - Repeated messages using Producer/Consumer


  • [WOJAVA-112] - Checkboxes to log date/time and thread name
  • [WOJAVA-113] - Logging interface improvements
  • [WOJAVA-114] - change timestamp and thread name logging to be general properties
  • [WOJAVA-116] - make sure ILogger methods are backwards compatible
  • [WOJAVA-135] - Upgrade to the latest version of Red 5

Bug Fixes

  • [WOJAVA-65] - WDMF problems reported by Faisal
  • [WOJAVA-115] - Fix weborb-config.xml formatting
  • [WOJAVA-118] - Update of Destinations in console doesn't remove more than one role per request
  • [WOJAVA-123] - Implement message cleanup in the in-memory messaging handler
  • [WOJAVA-124] - Consumer unsubscription is not working
  • [WOJAVA-125] - Changing logging policy in console causes exception
  • [WOJAVA-134] - Flash Builder plugin for java changes
  • [WOJAVA-136] - The findBySql method working not properly.
  • [WOJAVA-138] - UnitOfWork porting
  • [WOJAVA-144] - Red5 jar files are installed unconditionally
  • [WOJAVA-145] - Remove SLF4J output from WebORB log output
  • [WOJAVA-146] - Remove not needed System.out.println from the code
  • [WOJAVA-147] - If WebServices support is not added during the installation "Web Services" node should not show up in the Service Browser
  • [WOJAVA-148] - formatting of the complex types classes generated for ActionScript by code generator
  • [WOJAVA-149] - Basic install adds more jar files than needed
  • [WOJAVA-150] - WDMF-generated code automatic compilation fails
  • [WOJAVA-151] - SLF4J output must be disabled
  • [WOJAVA-152] - RTMP messaging is not working
  • [WOJAVA-155] - installer adds classes files under WEB-INF/classes/weborb/weborb
  • [WOJAVA-156] - Spring service browser does not show all the spring beans
  • [WOJAVA-157] - WebServices browser does not show any services
  • [WOJAVA-158] - Console build for WebORB for Java displays all the new config sections not supported in Java (yet)
  • [WOJAVA-160] - Possible collection synchronization issue
  • [WOJAVA-164] - Message delivery to subtopic and filters does not work (messages delivered to all subscribers)
  • [WOJAVA-166] - Exception at the startup time
  • [WOJAVA-168] - WebServices service browser is broken
  • [WOJAVA-169] - integration folder structure
  • [WOJAVA-170] - Generated AS project results in warnings in Flex Builder
  • [WOJAVA-171] - Making any kind of configuration change in console erases user changes in the config
  • [WOJAVA-172] - Exclude jars from WEB-INF/lib and WAR file
  • [WOJAVA-173] - Data management code generation does not work
  • [WOJAVA-174] - Make sure html wrapper is included for all Flex-based code generation projects
  • [WOJAVA-175] - DataTypeInitializer is not added to the Mate, Swiz, Cairngorm and PureMVC projects
  • [WOJAVA-176] - Add libs folder in the generated project structure for PureMVC, Swiz, Cairngorm and Mate project types
  • [WOJAVA-186] - JAR exclusion changes in the console are not persisted to the config file
  • [WOJAVA-187] - implement hot deploy for weborb-config,xml
  • [WOJAVA-188] - Implement response compression and wire it to Response Compression UI panel
  • [WOJAVA-189] - "Code generator applies to" UI panel does not save changes

2009 Release History

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WebORB 3.0.2 - 02.09.09

This is a maintenance release which addresses the following bugs and offers a few improvements:

  • Problems with installer on Mac OSX have been fixed
  • Fixed bugs in WebORB Data Management synchronization
  • Fixed WebORB deployment for WebSphere versions 6 and 7
  • Fixed WebORB deployment for Tomcat 6
  • Corrected Messaging API documentation for publishing messages
  • Added polling support for WDMF synchronization when RTMP connection fails
  • Added support for Enterprise Edition licensing and activation
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WebORB 3.0.1 - 01.08.09

This is a maintenance release with the following bug fixes:

  • Fixes a problem with packaging of the WebORB WAR file which prevented deployments into WebSphere and other Java EE servers
  • Fixes a problem in Silverlight examples (previous version was using Beta 2 compilation of Silverlight client)
  • Fixes a probem in the WDMF XSLT templates described in this thread.
  • Fixes a problem in request parsing when AS3 Flash client sends an invocation with more than one argument using the NetConnection class

2008 Release History

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WebORB 3.0 - GA 10.29.08

  • Production release includes all features and bug fixes from the previous Beta releases
  • Product installer is now available
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WebORB 3.0 Beta 3- 07.22.08

  • RTMP integration - provides support for remoting invocations via dedicated connections, data push for the producer/consumer messaging.
  • Data Management (WDMF) improvements. Added support for Oracle, bug fixes for MySQL and SQL Server integration
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WebORB 3.0 Beta 2 - 01.21.08

2007 Release History

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WebORB 3.0 Beta 1 - 12.07.07

WebORB 3.0 for Java introduces support for Flex clients and a number of important improvements:

  • AMF3 implementation (Flex Remoting support)
  • Spring Framework integration
  • Management Console
  • Service browser
  • Invocation test drive (available via service browser)
  • New examples

2006 Release History

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WebORB 2.0 GA - 03.13.06

WebORB 2.0 is a major production release.  It includes all the features and bug fixes and introduced during the Beta cycle (see the notes for the beta releases)

2005 Release History

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WebORB 2.0 Beta 2 - 08.25.05

The Beta 2 release delivers additional stability to the 2.0 version of the product. The release contains the following fixes and modifications:

  • Safari 2.0 support. The Rich Client System has been fixed to work on Safari. All AJAX examples now work on all major browsers.
  • Added QuickStart guide for ColdFusion Components (CFCs) to the user guide.
  • Date and array serialization for the AJAX clients has been fixed
  • Serialization of circular object references in returned complex types has been fixed.
  • Serialization of returned singleton objects has been fixed.
  • Server-side exceptions can now contain a fault code delivered to Flash Remoting clients. Use weborb.exceptions.ServiceException to propagate exception information to the client side.
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WebORB 2.0 Beta 1 - 08.01.05

We extended the scope of supported rich client environments from Flash to JavaScript/AJAX. To reflect the addition of new type of clients the product's new name is WebORB. Support for Flash Remoting remains the same. All the existing and new features equally apply to both types of clients (AJAX and Flash Remoting). The Beta1 release delivers the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Multi-protocol support. WebORB architecture allows pluggable protocol handlers. There are 2 built-in implementations: WOLF (Web Object Literal Format) - an XML-based protocol for handling AJAX requests and AMF (Action Message Format) - binary protocol developed by Macromedia for Flash-based clients.
  • Rich Client System. WebORB includes a set of APIs to simplify object binding and invocation process. Future releases will provide dynamic user interface widgets, event framework, support for drag-and-drop, messaging client for peer-to-peer and broadcast message delivery.
  • ColdFusion Components (CFC) support. WebORB 2.0 introduces integration with the BlueDragon CFML engine from New Atlanta Communications. AJAX and Flash Remoting clients can easily bind and message any CFC component via WebORB and BlueDragon  (on either the J2EE or .NET editions of BlueDragon)
  • Ability to map client classes to the server ones and vice versa.
  • Type adaptation improvements. Added support for conversion of string-based arguments to the numeric types 
  • JDBC Integration improvements. Change to use column labels instead of column names.
  • WebORB for Java introduces Development Mode. Without a license key, WebORB for Java will respond to the requests only from 1 IP address and will shutdown after 3 hours of operation. Process restart will reset the IP address and the 3 hour timeout.
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FlashORB 1.5 - 03.01.05

Midnight Coders has concluded the Beta program for FlashORB 1.5 and releases the version into production. See the Beta releases history for the details on version 1.5

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FlashORB 1.5 Beta 2 - 01.09.05

Beta 2 is a step forward toward the production release of FlashORB 1.5. This release provides bug fixes for the issues reported against Beta1:

  • Management console is fixed
  • Zero-length JDBC ResultSet serialization is fixed
  • License validation on UNIX-based systems is fixed.
  • Added server life-cycle methods (start, shutdown, shutdownAll)

2004 Release History

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FlashORB 1.5 Beta 1 - 11.12.04

Version 1.5 introduces improved approach to the application security. It also includes improvements with session activation management and exception propagation.  Summary of changes/fixes:

  • Support for 'open system' and 'closed system' modes.
  • Support for system level authentication and authorization handlers.
  • Support for service level authorization handlers
  • Support for session expiration handling for the session activation
  • Custom exception propagation is fixed
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FlashORB 1.0.1 - 03.25.04

1.0.1 is a patch release. It delivers several important bug fixes in the web service invocation subsystem. Summary of changes/fixes:

  • Embedded Ant files were upgraded to version 1.6.1
  • Ant script for Axis web service processing was modified to exclude non necessary files during the compilation task
  • Fixed bug in the logic locating the right web service proxy stub file
  • Introduced a feature to ignore pre-configured classes during response serialization
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FlashORB 1.0 - 03.23.04

1.0 is the first production release of the product. It contains fixes for all bugs teported to date as well as the following new features/improvements:

  • Administration module for the management console
  • Support for logging policies
  • Call trace filtering
  • Configuration file improvements
    • Named services
    • Custom serializers
    • Abstract type mappings
    • Ordering of invokers and inspectors
  • Message server traffic tunneling
  • Package level security

2003 Release History

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FlashORB 1.0 Beta 2 - 11.25.03

Beta 2 is a significant step forward from the previous release. There are several new features as well as a number of bug fixes and improvements. New features include:

  • Security
  • Management Console
  • XML Message Server
  • Call monitor
  • Support for argument object factories
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FlashORB 1.0 Beta 1 - 07.26.03

This is the first beta release of the product. Basic feature set is implemented:

  • Inspection and invocation of Java Objects, Java Beans, EJBs, Web Services
  • Custom invokers and inspectors
  • Extensible dispatcher chain
  • Application, session, request and custom activation modes
  • Remote references
  • Support for AXIS and GLUE web services platforms
  • Standalone and hosted execution modes
  • Custom serializers
  • Object factories