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WebORB for Java

WebORB is a cross-platform integration server that provides universal connectivity for desktop, browser and mobile clients that must communicate with services, data and media located anywhere, anytime. Development teams all over the world also use WebORB's productivity tools to get their applications to market faster with greater business success and so can you.

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Getting Started
Key Features

Getting started with WebORB is easy - just download and install a FREE copy of WebORB into any J2EE server or servlet engine (see README file for WebORB deployment info).  The installer creates a sample reference installation where you can see and try all the features. Also view the documentation and examples included with WebORB.

The Developer Den is also a good source for more helpful resources, including the following screencasts:

Integrated graphical management console
High-Speed Remoting Services: Flex, Flash, JavaScript/AJAX, Silverlight, Android, Windows Phone 7 and offline web applications
Multi-Protocol Support: AMF0/AMF3, JSON, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPS, XML and SOAP Web Services
Real-Time Messaging: Publish/Subscribe, Data Push, Video and Audio Streaming, JMS and native MQ
Powerful Data Management: data modeler, client/server CRUD, client synchronization, conflict resolution, code generation, runtime engine, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, ODBC, data management API
Velocity-minded productivity tools: service browser, code generator, invocation test drive, single-click deployment, performance monitor, graphical server configuration, project templates and examples, integration with Eclipse, FlashBuilder, Spring, SWIZ, Mate, PureMVC, Cairngorm, Grails and command line tools
Multiple deployment options: Java, Amazon EC2, Google AppEngine, SOA, SaaS, cross platform, and embedded
Customizable security: authentication, authorization, and roles-based
Flexible licensing: Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, OEM, Project and Cloud
Mature product: supported by a commercial vendor – in production use for 8 –years