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Enterprise Features

An investment in WebORB Enterprise Edition ensures your application is future proof because the product offers the highest level of functionality, quality, and performance while continuing to evolve to meet the needs of customer feedback and demand.   WebORB is backed by a commercial US-based company that continues to invest in WebORB's evolution to ensure it supports new client technologies, frameworks, developer tools, features, etc. making this a product you trust from one project to the next and from your premise to the Cloud.

Enterprise Edition is differentiated from other WebORB product editions in the following ways:

Certified Products

To provide that extra level of assurance Enterprise customers demand, we have put our Enterprise Edition products through rigorous testing and now make them available as certified products.  Midnight Coders certifies WebORB Enterprise Edition for both performance and scalability.

Performance certification ensures you can run a specified number of concurrent connections or broadcast updates to a specified number of clients.  Note: Typically, this number is impacted by other factors, such as application complexity, server configuration (RAM, CPUs), bandwidth, latency, etc..

Scalability certification means that WebORB Enterprise Edition is capable of scaling across multiple servers and datacenters and can support hundreds of thousands of users.

Multi-Server Configuration

WebORB Enterprise Edition is pre-configured to accept operation in a multi-server environment.  This means that if your application needs to run in a load-balanced, clustered or failover configuration, WebORB Enterprise Edition can handle this, whereas WebORB Community Edition and WebORB running in Development Mode cannot. 

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Enterprise Support

Customers with business critical issues need to know they have access to every kind of support resource possible when under a development timeline and in production operation. Midnight Coders Enterprise Support provides the access and the assurance customers are looking for when it comes to troubleshooting development and production issues. These resources include:

  • Access to your own private support portal (Midnight Coders HelpDesk) where issues can be resolve in private and not publicly through the Developer Forum;
  • Response time guarantees -ensure your questions will be addressed in a timely manner based upon the plan you choose;
  • Hot-fix Builds;
  • Bug Fix Escalation Privileges.

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