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What am I downloading?

You are downloading an open source version of WebORB created for PHP.  

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What is the cost of a WebORB license?

WebORB for PHP is freely available for non-OEM applications except for support and documentation.  Please contact or call 888-MYWEBORB, option 1, to discuss your licensing, support and documentation needs.

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How do I get started with WebORB?

Download the product from the WebORB for PHP product page.  If you'd like to shorten your learning curve, consider augmenting your download by purchasing support or training.  

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What are the differences between WebORB for PHP and AMFPHP?

WebORB design is object-oriented and modular, thus it is easier to maintain and add features. Some key differentiating WebORB features which are not available in AMFPHP include:

  • Comprehensive management console

  • Service and method browser - you can inspect deployed classes and methods

  • Service test drive - lets you invoke any method in the deployed services directly from the console

  • Graphical configuration of the service-level security

  • Built-in examples

  • Variety of code generators including Cairngorm, PureMVC and basic AS3 code generator

  • Destination management

  • Support for Silverlight

  • Flex messaging support

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How difficult is it to use WebORB?

Our goal is to make WebORB a completely transparent component of your application architecture. When a PHP class is accessed by a Flex or Flash client, it should appear as if it is a local invocation both from the client and server-side perspectives. To achieve the goal, we added a lot of interesting features into the product. Features like dynamic class loading, type resolution, client-to-server type adaptation and automatic serialization of complex types should make it very easy to use WebORB.

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How is WebORB for PHP licensed?

WebORB for PHP is open source and is licensed under the Mozilla Public License.

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Can I commit changes to the WebORB for PHP source code?

Currently only authorized project administrators can commit new code, however, we hope to use the collective power of the community to enhance the product and make it better. If you have any ideas for new features of improvements, please post them to the discussion forum or contact us directly.

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I need help with the product, what are my options?

Consider purchasing a Support Plan by contacting or 888.MYWEBORB option 1.

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How do I start management console

Management console is available through index.php located in the root of the product distribution. If you installed WebORB under the /weborb context path in your web server, the console would be available at localhost/weborb/index.php


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How do I expose a PHP class to Flex/Flash clients?

WebORB can locate and load any class deployed in the /Services folder. Future releases of WebORB will enable special processing for the deployed classes. For instance, automatic update of the configuration files, generation of security descriptors and dynamic client side code generation.

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How can I make an invocation of a PHP class from Flex?

Consider using the following mini-tutorial:

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How do I configure my Flex client to talk to PHP via WebORB

Locate the directory where Flex Builder places the compiled client application. It is very important to place a copy of weborb.php into the same directory. weborb.php must contain the following PHP code:



   $m_ORBHttpHandler = new ORBHttpHandler();



The first line must be edited to point to the Weborb directory from the product distribution. For example, look at weborb.php located in the /Console folder.

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Where can I configure WebORB logging?

Logging can be configured either in the Management Console under Management > Server Configuration or directly in the configuration file (/Weborb/weborb-config.xml)

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Where does WebORB store the log file?

WebORB stores log files under the /logs directory located at the same level as the Examples directory.

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How can I configure client/server class mappings?

Client/server class mappings are configured in /Weborb/weborb-config.xml. You can use either the management console (Management > Server Configuration > Class mappings) or add an entry using the following format to the <classMappings> section of the file:






When a client sends an object of a type listed in the <clientClass> element, WebORB will instantiate the corresponding server-side class. Similarly, when server script returns an instance of a complex type that has a client-side mapping, WebORB will serialize it as that client class.

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How can I get started with Silverlight?

Download this tutorial it will walk you through the process of creating a Silverlight client and connecting it with a PHP class exposed via WebORB.  The guide also demonstrates how to run a query in PHP and bind the results to a Data Grid component in Silverlight.  

You can also download the Silverlight WebORB Client API, which is a full documentation of the client-side API enabling connectivity and RPC between Silverlight and PHP.


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How can I deploy my PHP application so Flex clients can consume its objects and services?

Deployment of a PHP application is as simple as copying the class files into a WebORB-enabled PHP web application . WebORB does not require any additional configuration changes and once copied over, you can start accessing your PHP classes from a Flex client.

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I'm ready to deploy into production, what are my options?

To ensure you are deploying with the most reliable, scalable and secure edition, we recommend you deploy with commercial support.   Please contact sales at 888-MYWEBORB, option 1 or if you would like to discuss your options. 

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Am I allowed to distribute WebORB with my application?

WebORB for PHP includes open source components that are licensed under the Mozilla Public License.  However, the provision for "Larger Works" allows us to add additional licensing.  Please Contact Us if you are unsure if your distribution would require an OEM/ISV license.


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How does WebORB Security work?

An introductory description of WebORB Security is available in the weborb blog.

Data Management/Database Integration

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How can I get started with WebORB Data Management for Flex (WDMF)?

Watch this videocast:  Also, you can download the following API, which is a complete API for the data management framework used in the WDMF generated code.

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How does WebORB serialize database results?

Suppose your PHP code has the following code:

public function getCustomers()


  mysql_connect($server, $username, $password);

  return mysql_query( "select * from customers" );


Flex clients will receive the result as an array of objects, Flash Remoting clients will receive it as a pageable record set.

Messaging & Streaming