WebORB for PHP

WebORB is a cross-platform integration server that provides universal connectivity for desktop, browser and mobile clients that must communicate with services, data and media located anywhere, anytime. Development teams all over the world also use WebORB's productivity tools to get their applications to market faster with greater business success and so can you.

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Getting Started
Key Features

Getting started with the product is easy: WebORB for PHP distribution includes both core product, management console and a variety of examples. Run the management console and explore the Getting started and Examples tabs. All examples are organized in categories by the client type and the functionality they demonstrate. The examples include the source code as well.

Also visit the Developer Den for more helpful resources, which include the following articles and screencasts:

Introduction to WebORB for PHP
Getting Started with Flex and WebORB
Gettng Started with Silverlight and WebORB
Creating a Flex Builder project with WebORB
Creating a Flex Builder project (screencast)
Using WebORB remoting code generator

Developer Productivity Tools - management console, code generators, service browser, invocation test drive, FlexBuilder plugins, command line tools, examples with source code
Multi-Client Support - Flash, Flex, AJAX and Silverlight
Remote Invocation - AMF0, AMF3, Flex polling
Customizable Security - graphical security configuration, which provides custom authentication, custom authorization, and role-based security
Flex Messaging- publish/subscribe system with conditional message distribution between Flex clients
Data Management - code generators, full CRUD operations, intuitive API, extensible programming model, sample test drive
Extensibility Features - custom object serialization, service object factories, security handlers