Product Editions

WebORB for PHP is an advanced remoting and data management solution that is ideal for customers that are looking for FREE open source solutions. Since the product is open source, there is only one product edition, which is WebORB for PHP version 3.6.  The following is what you can expect to receive out-of-the-box from WebORB for PHP:

Developer Productivity Tools

  • Management Console
  • Service Browser
  • Invocation Test Drive
  • Remoting Code Generators
  • Single Click Deployment

Remote Invocation

  • Flex and Flash Remoting (AMF3 and AMF0)
  • AJAX Client Support
  • Silverlight Support
  • Flex Polling
  • Service-Level Security
  • Custom Serializers
  • Service Object Factories
  • WebORB Data Management for Flex (WDMF)

Real-Time Messaging

  • Flex Messaging (Producer/Consumer MXML/API)